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How Long Could You Survive Without Publix?

So the more time I spend with my professional hat on, slogging through the misery and madness and frustration that is the practice of law, and especially the practice of law in foreclosure court, the more I find myself reaching out into slower, simpler and more basic things. Like this little guy here….

and these beautiful little ladies here….

They live on this amazing little plot of land called the Heart of the Garden Farm in a special little corner of the earth.   Click on their website here for an explanation of this beautiful family and their very compelling and very inspiring way to deal with a world gone mad.

They weren’t country folks, no way…they were city folks with two kids, successful careers and advanced degrees.   But somewhere along the way, they got tired of the lies and the fraud and the deceit and corruption.   Rather than engage in the futile effort to change the system, they changed their world.   They found a safe place way out in the country where they set about raising a few chickens and couple of cows and enough food for themselves in their family.   This little lady below is Holly.   She spends her days wandering around the yard trimming the grass (no gasoline required) and just kind of lounging around in the sun resting after she’s done chewing up the grass.

But after she finishes her job keeping the grass neatly trimmed, she gives us 3 gallons of beautiful, warm, tasteful, yummy raw milk.   Well six gallons of milk every day produces all kinds of possibilities, so we traveled on down to the farm where they showed us how to turn a cow and some grass into one of God’s most perfect food….CHEESE!

So I keep reaching out to these amazing corners of the world where simple and honest and beautiful things exist.   In a perfect world, I’d be part of a country community supporting hard working families with those core values that were the heart of this country’s success.   Neighbor looking after neighbor.   Everyone jumping in together to share in the work that’s required to keep a family living then especially jumping in to share in the joys and celebrations that are the magical tapestry of a rich and extraordinary life.   Dolly Parton described such living as her “Quilt of many colors, that my momma made for me.”

Anywhoo, the point for me is we’ve all lost control over so much of our lives, but there are very real ways to take back some control and in so doing, I believe one’s life becomes enriched.   Spend a little time visiting the Heart of the Garden website and consider how much more enriched your life would be if you were focused on the simpler and more important things in life.   Oh, and that other question I started off asking.   Gas prices are jumping up and prices on everything, especially food are increasing.   There was a time in this country not so long ago when small family farms played an important role in the food each family ate.   Unfortunately times have changed and even out in rural areas, people are entirely dependent upon   their local grocery store for food.   But some of that can change, and it is changing for good people who are committed to reaching out to see and do things in a better way!