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Housing Collapse Worse Than Great Depression….And Getting Worse….

Housing-CollapseThis mess called foreclosure does not just impact all of us who are involved every single day…this is an epic crisis with international implications.   Those of us who have been fighting have been screaming for years now that things are bad and getting worse, and now this reality has sunk in among the mainstream media.   It’s long time for everyone in this country to grasp just how dad this is….and understand that it is only getting worse…

From the Article:

The author of a study claiming the U.S. housing collapse is now worse than during the Great Depression warned Wednesday that the market likely will continue to fall for the rest of the year before going stagnant.

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  • John Anderson says:

    It would appear that the banks over gorged themselves this time.
    It still has not awakened the general public from the ignorance and apathy that protects them from the truth. It comes from living and growing up in a country where slowly but surly, personal freedom and liberties have eroded, almost as fast, as our property values.
    At a recent family gathering I was trying to explain to my two brother in laws what has happened. Both are still employed, although their buying and borrowing power has been curtailed, they are as ignorant and apathetic as the average American. The old saying, “when a coworker loses his job its a recession, when you lose yours its a depression” is still true. The major banks can not turn this around this time. I think that the old saying “pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered applies.
    Our currant economic system is collapsing, and nothing will save it. Our so called leaders, busy themselves arguing about arranging and rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, while the top 1/2 of 1% plan the post depression government of the United States. I expect when things are bad enough they will implement the Amero currency approved under George Bush. Google “Amero” and research. The plan to merge Canada, the USA and Mexico, has already been signed into law, they are just waiting for things to get bad enough for the American public to go along with it.

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