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Foreclosure Defense Florida


Foreclosure represents the very worst in America…and things are only getting much, much worse.   I had hoped that judges   might wake up and recognize they could help lessen the blow of this catastrophe, and while some are looking carefully and approaching their jobs with a more sophisticated analysis, far too many are still stuck in the rut of, “If you haven’t paid your mortgage, you’re out.”
Well there are real costs that come with abandoning the guiding principles of the Rule of Law.   Our nation’s once proud legal system is a caricature, a sad Greek tragedy, a poorly produced Mob Flick….but again, I must apologize to the Mob for comparing them to this mess.   At the very least they have values and they uphold the oath they took.   Our nation’s legal system and the lawyers and judges who work in it, all of whom took serious oaths long ago abandoned fulfilling those oaths.
As we’ve seen here in Florida for years now, bank lawyers are permitted to build systems of lies and ignore fundamental rules and laws….and get away with it with no consequence at all.   I’m talking primarily about the Verified Complaint Rule and the failure of courts across this state to do a very simple thing….just dismiss complaints and allow the banks to resubmit them properly.   A similar situation occurred in New Jersey, but there too, the courts just let them all slide with no penalty.   And then just this week, the 49 State Attorney General Sellout has been signed by a federal judge.   No hearings, no input, no feedback from the investors who will pay for the misdeeds of the banks.   The deal was cut in secret back rooms, the propaganda has been released, the press releases were cut and pasted then fed to the news outlets and the deal is wrapped up and delivered to the American people in a nice little bow.
But make no mistake, what we are getting with all of this is a hastening of our nation’s decline.   Our legal system no longer functions to sanction illegal and improper conduct. Judges no longer mete out punishments that fit crimes. Our nation’s courts are largely the playground of the wrongdoers, crucibles where the fanciful notions of justice for The People are pulverized, where rights are snuffed out and the dying flicker of the light of liberty exists merely as a faint wisp of smoke trailing upwards from the extinguished torch.
When Americans can be thrown into the street with files full of “evidence” that everyone knows is false and fraudulent, when lawyers are permitted to develop and implement entire systems that are predicated on lies and fraud and when judges confirm and ratify this conduct over and over, millions of times can it not be said that our courts have in fact become criminal enterprises?   Violation of notary laws are crimes. Fraud and forgery are crimes.   Allowing thieves to enforce notes should indeed be crimes. Our courts, fully aware of all of this sing off on this, encourage all of this, support, promote and defend all of this.
Shall we just export all of this into the other areas of law.   Let’s just allow all of this to occur in criminal courts. In family law courts. In tax and immigration courts.   Because after all, everyone is guilty of something…..right?   And yet no one it seems cares.   And those that do are attacked with intense fury.   Bullying. Threats. Intimidation. Teams of lawyers. On attack. Depositions. Of pool boys. And plumbers. Bar complaints. Lawsuits. Indictments.
The crimes?   Daring to stand up and say what I’ve just written.   And when they are done with all of us, what next?   Will the capos and the dons and the godfathers of Americas new disOrganized crime syndicates simply stop?   No, of course not.   They will become more emboldened….they will come after the rest of America with a savage fury and bloodthirsty intensity.   But this is what we are all supporting and encouraging by our complacent participation is a corrupt and unjust system.
The flag should fly low. We are all in peril.
But I hadn’t intended to go there for so long. I intended a short post that talks about the economic impact of this disorganized crime spree:
From the Study:
The Costs of the Foreclosure Crisis in California (2008-2012):
1. Homeowner Cost: Home value losses to foreclosed homes and neighboring
homes total minimum $632 billion and up to $1 trillion ““ at least
a $337,379 value loss per foreclosure to the surrounding community.
““ Decline in value of foreclosed homes ““$207 billion value loss
““ Decline in value of neighboring homes ““ $424 billion value loss
2. Property Tax Cost: As housing values decline, property tax revenue losses
are estimated to be $3.8 billion ““ $2,058 property tax loss for every
3. Local Government Cost: Foreclosure-related costs for multiple agencies and
multiple levels of government for maintenance of blighted properties, sheriff
evictions, inspections, public safety, trash removal, and other costs are estimated
to be $17.4 billion ““ $19,229 cost for every foreclosure.
The Foreclosure Crisis Continues:
“¢ One in five U.S. foreclosures is in California.i
“¢ California is the hardest hit of all states with the highest number
of foreclosures.ii
“¢ There have been 1.2 million foreclosures since 2008 in California and that
number is expected to climb to 2 million through 2012.iii
“¢ Foreclosures in 2011 are expected to exceed 2010 levels.iv
“¢ More than a third of California homeowners with a mortgage already owe
more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.v