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It’s so mind blowing and frustrating how out of touch and uneducated the vast majority of Amerikans really are.   The flagy wavey celebrations and all the political campaigning, the bumper stickers for Romney 2012 or Obama 2012 only serve to emphasize just how completely corrupted and co-opted this entire country is.


There aren’t hardly enough Amerikans out there who have one half of a clue how bad things are.   Now clearly most of the blame falls on all of us for being so damn lazy and just plain dumb.   Now the traditional news organizations are not reporting the stories of real impact and today I’m focused specifically on the LIBOR scandal, but the thing is if you do just a little bit of digging and a tiny bit of thinking you can begin to appreciate just what a monster big deal this is.   But most people will not.   The most delusional are those that watch traditional news programs and think they have some clue about what’s happening in this country.   What passes as news on the networks and what is delivered in newspapers and magazines are largely canned stories generated by the corporate interests or maybe a few selected and carefully crafted remarks from a government hand job to add a bit of color. But there is next to ZERO critical analysis in any news anymore.
I’ve experienced this first hand many times over the last several months.   For many years I worked with reporters…I actually worked with real reporters in the pools and news organizations for years up in Tallahassee long ago. So when I started communicating with them about these foreclosure issues, I understood what they needed and how to deliver up solid facts and real issues. But over the last several months especially, I watched as real stories were being ignored and real angles on stories were dismissed.   Most disturbing, I found repeated examples of reporters flat out ignoring the facts because they did not fit with the story that had been pre written.
The most dramatic example of this came, on several separate occasions, when the new foreclosure numbers would be published. I was contacted on several occasions by several reporters and I provided them direct and unchallenged proof that the numbers they were relying on …and reporting were dead wrong…massively wrong.   One reporter in particular, in response to my proof, told me flat out, “Sorry, the story is already written, the editors want me to use these numbers.” But the numbers were just dead wrong and there was no question that his numbers were dead wrong.   Later, a reporter who I really respect had a story so watered down that it became totally misleading and in fact was providing support for something that would definitely lead consumers into peril. I called the reporter on it and the response was, “I know but the lawyers and editors wanted a different story.”   Nevermind that the story was a significant disservice to the community and that people were going to suffer as a result of what was written.
The LIBOR scandal is the latest, this time international version, of the elites and their captive mouthpieces controlling the message of a story of grave importance and all of Amerika just sitting back and no one bothering to pay one bit of attention to it.   The contrast between the coverage received here in the states to what is being reported elsewhere is quite dramatic. British newspapers in particular are digging deep and reporting the real lies, the fraud and the monstorous consequences of the massive price rigging scandal.   Trillions of dollars in bets with your money, your 401k, your retirement are tied into this con.   Hundreds of billions of dollars in real money that you will pay in local taxes, in mortgage payments, in credit card payments, even what you will pay for the food you eat….literally virtually every bill you pay is tied up in this…and yet there is next to ZERO reporting of these facts here in the United States of Amerika.
The media is corporate controlled. The government is corporate controlled. They are conspiring to tell a story more of their liking and avoiding telling the dirty secrets and the bad stories because doing so will crack the veneer, rock the foundation of quicksand our nation’s financial, legal and society as a whole is now built upon.
It really is just about too much anymore, our world this delusional dystopian reality.
See No Evil. Speak No Evil. Hear No Evil.
See you in the camps!


  • Anne Hart says:

    I hope the camps have those little chocolates on the pillows.

  • Kathy Utiss says:

    I got started on my investigation after the court process. I did my best to alert people to face nothing but obstruction by anyone in the legal industry. Still do….I just don’t get it there are settlements and all over this theft and fraud!
    Its more than a housing crisis or financial crisis. This is even an identity crisis. Makes you wonder how many people are like me multi millionaires that can’t inherit their family fortunes! This is nuts!
    I’ve tracked this theft back for several years. You can’t even be told what they did to make the gov steal their money! Yet you can be the great grand daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the world and have it kept from you your whole life! Gov enforced ROBO LIFE! WALA
    Now how can NO ATTY HELP WITH THIS? LIES ALL LIES! Matt as you type these and say you want to help how do you not? This effects any and every AMERICAN!!!! The one thing your supposed to have done is be identified. That just can’t be done by a social security number! What about your ancestral history? Otherwise they get by with STEALING FORTUNES! And leaving people in OZ! ABSOLUTELY NUTS!

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