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HB 1523- First Thing We Do….Let’s Kill All the (Foreclosure Defense) Lawyers

House Bill 1523 is currently speeding its way through the Florida Legislature.   This bad, bad bill would allow lenders to take homes from Floridians without any judicial intervention at all.

The lenders and bankers are getting caught red-handed in lies and misrepresentations in courts across the state, and I’m predicting significant appellate court decisions coming down in the immediate future….the banks simply cannot let that happen….and they’re counting on the Florida Legislature to get them out of the mess they’re in.

Attached here is a report from the Collins Center which largely blasts the efforts of the fat cat bankers to turn Florida into a non-judicial state….but it is not nearly enough.

PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK THEN CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR….tell your elected official that you’re sick and tired of the fat cat bankers and their attempts to rob the American people…..let them know that you don’t want Florida to turn into a non-judicial foreclosure state.


  • ilouie says:

    F***** the banks. File for BK and don’t pay them s****. Obviously we are going to have to take this to Federal Court…

  • This is terrible legislation!

  • Cindi Dixon says:

    We respectfully request that you vote AGAINST HOUSE BILL 1523. Creating a non-judicial foreclosure state in Florida will adversely impact our most precious citizens, senior citizens, young homeowners, uneducated consumers and those must vulnerable to deceptive lending practices. This bill favors the lenders who intentionally and deceptively profited from unfair lending practices in our state. They should not be rewarded for their bad behavior. Our residents are entitled to their day in court and mandated mediation so they have every opportunity to save their homes if they can afford to. Furthermore, increasing foreclosures continues to depreciate our housing markets and reduce our county tax revenues, further depleting much needed public services and facilities.

    This situation will continue to turn itself around in the organic fashion in which it was created. It will take time, but it should do so in the most conscientious manner for all involved. It’s about time someone in the position to do so stands up for the people in our state against the manipulation of Wall Street who has no interest or concern for out neighborhoods or neighbors in any way other than lining their pockets.

    Cindi Dixon
    Mela Capital Group
    Forensic Foreclosure Defense and Securities Fraud Expert
    Business and Property owner in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Lifetime Florida resident

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