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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Indefinite Detention and a TSA Video That Will Make Your Blood Boil!

Obama took a break from his 17 day, $5 million vacation to sign into law the NDAA….now we can all be held indefinitely! (Read More About That Here)   Do we all think it’s a coincidence that this bill was signed into law on 12/31/11 New Year’s Eve….a day when most Americans are more concerned with getting loaded than little things like….Civil Rights….

And keeping in mind just what the NDAA means, just watch how this mother was abused by the TSA because she dared to assert her rights…





  • Cheryl says:

    Americans are so stupid these days, a lady on my Facebook wrote with a White House link “give him a chance, it took 11 years to get into the mess we’re in” related to Obama for a second term. I posted a comment to it referring to her as a dumb ass. More people have to stand up to these lazy, stupid Americans who refuse to look at the facts.

  • Cheryl says:

    On a side note, for your future reference Matt, people like myself don’t like to see 2 year videos posted on New Year articles. We expect to see a recent video related to a new event. Don’t post old material such as this, we take our time to look at the video to see it’s outdated and the first thing we think of is “he’s desperate” for material.

    • the point with seeing old things like this is to consider what they did then, and got away with it….and what they have now passed into law, especially with the NDAA….however old it is, the point is still the same…….

      • D. D. says:

        Yes, Matt I agree old or new. The video happened to myself in October 2011. I was harrassed the same way.. Not with breast milk but told to stand while they check my luggage 3 times. I would ask what they are looking for and how long it would take. They told me to be quiet and asked me if I was arguing with them. I was only trying to understand what was going on. My son was there watching and I also asked them to call down to the Air tran to tell them I was at the security and they said NO we are not apart of them. I missed my plane. They didn’t care and they never shared what they were looking for just made me wait to miss my plane. Its like we are criminals and didn’t do a thing. THEY HAVE CONTROL.. so they think… I appreciate the post old or new. WAKE UP AMERICANS.. YOUR RIGHTS are being TAKEN AWAY… – yes we will have to pick a side.. Thanks for STANDING UP for OUR RIGHTS..

  • chunga says:

    We are rapidly approaching a situation in America that leaves absolutely no grey area. Everyone will have to choose a side.

    The period between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865 come’s to mind.

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