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Guest Column- Non Judicial Foreclosure Will Destroy Private Property Rights in Florida

Remember the Republican Party? Some of the cornerstone principles of the party were, “Private Property Rights” and “The Rule of Law” and “Personal Responsibility”. (Oh and there were also things like fiscal responsibility and integrity and all that, but those were forgotten about long, long ago.)

In the State of Florida, the Republican party is an overtly compromised lot.   It starts with Tricky Rick, the guy in the driver’s seat (I could argue I don’t have to create a single job.) flows right through the leadership Mike “I’m a fine author, pay me $152,000 for a textbook.” Haridopolus and then into Dean “Kill the Pill Bill and I like (un)Fair Districts” Cannon and appears to course through the entire lot of them.

But I’m no fan of the Democrats either, because they are direct and willing participants in all the problem and accomplices to all that’s going wrong in this state because they (in addition to so many other things) are failing to stand up, protest and protect.   There are broad and dramatic moves to destroy private rights across this state and both parties are jumping into the soup to ram this through:

Gov. Rick Scott recently voiced support for the renewed effort of the Florida Bankers Association to eliminate judicial foreclosures in Florida and to convert non-judicial foreclosures.

One reason cited by Governor Scott was that he “wants to make sure that we have an efficient process, so we don’t create a reason for banks … not to lend money in Florida.”

Another reason promoted by the banking lobby is that it takes over 600 days from filing the suit to judgment.

Recently, Florida courts have had to borrow $54 million from the state to fund the court system and, as such, it would be more efficient and less costly if judicial foreclosures were eliminated.

Not one of these arguments are supported by the facts nor should be the basis to eliminate due process rights in Florida.

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