24· THE COURT:· ·Thank you. The Court finds that the
25· ·plaintiff has failed to establish standing, that the
·1· ·plaintiff has failed to prove that the pled plaintiff,
·2· ·that is Saxon, is entitled to judgment.· The Court
·3· ·finds that the evidence that the default letter was,
·4· ·in fact, sent is insufficient and that’s a condition
·5· ·precedent.· The plaintiff established that a default
·6· ·letter was in their records but the Court does not,
·7· ·and the defendant had testified that he never received
·8· ·the default letter.· The Court finds that that
·9· ·evidence is insufficient to meet the preponderance of
10· ·the evidence standard.· ·The Court also finds that the
11· ·plaintiff has failed to show, given the testimony of
12· ·the plaintiff’s representative and the defendant, that
13· ·the evidence is unrebutted that the plaintiff that was
14· ·pled is not owed any money.· ·The Court finds that the
15· ·plaintiff has failed to meet their burden to establish
16· ·they’re entitled to foreclosure and, accordingly,
17· ·final judgment is entered in favor of the defendant.
18· · · · ·The defendant will prepare the final judgment
19· ·and submit a copy to the plaintiff, and I will sign
20· ·it.· Thank you very much.· Have a good day.
21· · · · ·MR. WEIDNER:· In the interest of efficiency,
22· ·would you allow us to do a simple dismissal?

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