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Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Detainee Bill A Dangerous Step Into Tyranny

We are creating tyranny in this country as surely as we’ve torn down the Lincoln Memorial-

Larry Wilkersen, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.

Wow, scary times. Now I don’t suppose Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff is some flaming lefty liberal.   Yet hear him scream in protest.   Scary. The Senate approves a bill that allows   the military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens.   Listen to how powerfully this   military officer argues against this very, very bad bill.

It’s so disturbing how this is not covered at all by mainstream media.   It feels like the government could fire on citizens and it would only warrant a brief mention (if at all) from Brian Williams….




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  • chris says:

    There will come a time when arrests will be made only it will be these corrupt ones and not us we the people. So it is a wonderful bill and they will end up chocking on it.

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