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Foreclosure Trials and Summary Judgments- The New Normal That Will Make Homeowners Homeless


  • Elise says:

    It is very difficult to figure out how to interview and select an attorney, especially if one has not been following ‘real’ current events, as well as, the foreclosure events and cases.

    I just went through this process of selecting an attorney again. I hope I’ve been rational and better informed as I just selected a new attorney to take over for the attorney I hired in 2010. I spent many months in 2009 searching for my former attorney, many, many months before I was even served.

    Perhaps you can provide a page on how to select an attorney, perhaps with links with attorneys who ‘get it’. One has no way of knowing, generally, how attorneys are doing, e.g., how many cases, resolutions prior to final summary or court, success rate of litigation, and even, what is a legal and fair compensation for services.

    I am also very concerned with the general population’s access to representation. I am under the impression that up to 80% of the foreclosure cases are not even responding to their Lis Pendens.

    Justice is suppose to be for everyone, based on my reading of the law of the land…Yes, I am very gullible though no longer naive.

    Representation should be a provided for foreclosure. Corporations are now persons, still with unlimited resources; Individuals are persons too, but they no longer have the resources as they did in the 70s or 80s. Separate but no so Equal.

    Thank you for your Blog, your case transcripts and great resources…and, especially, thank you for your time!

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Thank you for your observations. It will help us outside of Florida to know what to anticipate in 2013.

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