A consumer spends months working on a loan modification or short sale with Bank of America, only to get dumped by Bank of America to another servicer who either outright ignores all modification efforts or denies the effort completely…it happens all the time. Is this just a coincidence or are the banks dumping loans for strategic and tactical purposes?

(Wanna Guess?)

This means that homeowners victimized by big-bank servicers, who were supposed to get a commitment to honest treatment as part of the National Mortgage Settlement, instead got their servicing rights sold to companies no longer bound by the terms of that settlement. So homeowners lose all of their protections, and often have to start back at square one with their new servicer. For example, if a borrower was in process on a loan modification with their old servicer, the new servicer can choose to simply not recognize that modification, and demand the full monthly payment under threat of foreclosure. This is a very common practice.

What’s more, this new breed of non-bank servicers scooping up all these servicing rights has proven themselves as a bunch of cheats profiting off their customers. Green Tree Servicing has a terrible record of ripoffs. Ocwen has been sued in state court over its practices, including an innovative scam involving sending homeowners a check for $3.50, and claiming that cashing the check automatically enrolls the customer in an appliance insurance plan, which costs $54.95 a month.

[advanced-iframe securitykey=”a89b984039fb3b09578b3059dd44d761a319ccc0″ src=”https://www.salon.com/2013/09/24/banks_find_appalling_new_way_to_cheat_homeowners_partner/” width=”1000″]

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