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Foreclosure Crisis Solved!!!!….(Greetings From Inside The RepubliCON National Convention Warzone)

Sorry for the distraction, the diversion away from what’s really important in this country……the circus, the farce, the distraction and delusion of political choice.   All of this talk about foreclosure and the desperate financial situation of Americans and Amerika is really diverting us from what’s most important…the circus, the farce, the distraction and the delusion of the 2012 elections.
The ReTHUGliCONs have truly outdone themselves in demonstrating to the world that the are THUGS and that they are driven by criminality, fraud and con artistry.   Nowhere is this more apparent than the treatment of their own members during the entire primary process.   Whether you like Ron Paul or not, by all objective measures he ran a tactically very smart campaign.   Following the long-standing rules of the GOP, he amassed enough delegates to give him a shot on the floor.   And all of this despite the efforts of the GOP establishment to rob him and their own Republican voters of votes and victories in several states.   The ReTHUGliCON establishment cheated, bullied, lied and conspired to deprive their own members of choice and to shut down their voices.   And yet despite all this, Ron Paul should have a voice in the convention.   Except that the GOP establishment goons have all worked to exclude this voice of dissent and reason.   Even as the convention approaches, they are doing everything they can to shut down this dissent.   That’s thuggery.   That’s the GOP for you.
Next, the presumptive nominee refuses to provide any details about his life to the Amerikan people.   No, I don’t care about your temple underwear and I could care less about your family.   Mittens is not running on his Mormon faith and he’s not pledging to make members of his clan members of his cabinet.   The Mittens propaganda machine is trying to convince us he’s an Job Creating, Economic Messiah.   The Mittens Machine would have us all believe that his keen acumen and bootstrapping experience is what will lift Amerika from this malaise…..while at the same time refusing to release the tax returns and other documents which would support his claims….except that they would not support the claim that he would be good for this country.   As the recently released documents on Gawker show, the Mittens Model is high level white collar con artistry….the type practiced by the oligarchs that really run this place…..that’s what we’re really getting with Team Mittens.
And there’s no love here for the current Fascist in Chief, sitting on his White House throne ordering more drone strikes and signing laws that allow the indefinite detention of American citizens.   Do you know the name Brandon Raud?   You should.   He’s the first highly publicized example of an American political prisoner who was taken into custody for speaking out.   Dragged away and held incarcerated…and this is a key fact….DRAGGED AWAY AND HELD INCARCERATED WITH “ZERO” EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT HIS DETENTION. (Story Here)


Get used to that concept, because under the NDAA there is a lot more of that to come.   Please read the facts and circumstances surrounding Raub’s detention very carefully and understand that his initial appeals were DENIED. (read the appeal here)   The pretext for Raub’s government sponsored disappearance were rants and raves about coming conflict in the United States and all manner of government corruption…..not much different than the kinds of thoughts articulated by a sitting judge in Texas who opined:

Head is a Lubbock County judge who recently told a local news station that a tax increase would be necessary in order to prepare for the ” worst case scenario: civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe.”
” We’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking “” we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy,” Head said. ” What’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? [Obama’s] going to send in U.N. troops. I don”˜t want ’em in Lubbock County. OK. So I”˜m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here.’

Remember, this is just the beginning folks. These are not even the skirmishes.   Whether it’s the Repubs or the Dems come 2013, one thing is certain…..government programs and services will be cut.   People will suffer more than ever before and there will be less support from all levels of government to soften the sharp pangs of hunger, poor health and dampen the sting of all the other slings and arrows this world has to throw in the way of our human existence.
Over the last decade we’ve spent ever more and more of our nation’s precious resources on building things and people up and ever more in destroying and tearing down people and this world.   Every level of this nation’s government has become hardened and weaponized.   Body armor, bullets and bombs proliferated not just around the globe but right here at home.   As I write this, I am quite literally sitting inside the concrete barriers and chain link fences of the warzone created for the Republican National Convention. I’m watching police officers lugging shotguns and body armor like they’re heading off to war.   The Secret Service determined that a food truck parked outside my back door was a threat to national security and ordered it removed.   A food truck?   Really?   And just across the street supporters of Ron Paul were such a threat to national security, they were so dangerous, so scary that they could not be accommodated in a bar that’s previously packed thousands of drunken fans to celebrate baseball? (Fergs and Ron Paul)
We shut down this street and allow drunken, baseball crazed miscreants to go wild, but we cannot accommodate political expression.
That’s your Amerika.

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