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Foreclosure Activist Attacked…For Running For Political Office!

First, some good news.

Thanks to your effort, I am an officially qualified candidate for the Florida House of Representatives!

That’s right good people in my house district, my neighbors and friends have a legitimate and real choice between the Republican and Democratic challengers who are squaring off for the Florida House seat here in St. Petersburg.   My campaign will showcase just how corrupted and broken our entire political system is…and will show how money in politics is destroying any dying vestiges of democracy in this country.
But what’s got me really fuming here tonight is learning how our friend Lisa Epstein was attacked (again) because she dared to stand up and fight for you.   For truth. For some shred of integrity in our government offices.   You will recall the Florida’s Inspector General published a report which attacked Lisa along with Lynn Syzmoniak, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards. (report here)   This report is a clear example of the fascism that grips this state, because it targets citizen whistleblowers in a blatant defense of corporations and entities that themselves are targets of investigations rather than focusing on the wrongdoing of the targets of their whistleblowing.
It is indeed terrifying to know that our government will turn against its own people if they dare to stand up to the Machine.
Well, the Machine is at it again, this time attacking Lisa because she dared to RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE!
One might perhaps not believe all of the vicious comments that she indicates were leveled at her by a Democratic Party Chairman, as reported in the Palm Beach Post here.

Siegel said Epstein’s decision to run against Bock ” is definitely going to damage Lisa Epstein as the voice of the dispossessed. Now she’s just another candidate for office.“

It truly is a disturbing day in this country when political party leaders are attacking citizens for exercising their most important Constitutionally protected rights.
Welcome to Amerika!


  • Rebecca Sharp says:

    You have your nerve promoting trash on your website! How dare you! I signed a petition to help you qualify without you paying the quaifying fee. Now you SUPPORT a FRAUD! Lisa Epstein is a FRAUD along with Michael Redman. You and I both know the truth there and yet you continue to write such dribble in support of her. YOU also are NOT FIT to run for any office! Please return my petition to get you on the ballot. OMG please help this Country from these fraudulent folks we need you now more than ever. Matt I expect and DEMAND an apology from you. If you do not, than I understand your goal “support criminal fraud” so you can win. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope that Martin is reading this, perhaps he will come to his senses and pull away from you too! I can only hope and pray!

    • Thank you for your comment and please share more information; this is an open political forumn where all are invited to share what they know and believe. I never profess to know all the facts or most of the facts for that matter…preferring in stead to keep myself an open vessel into which information and understanding can be freely poured. So do provide some additional factual information to support your claims….

  • KT says:

    Congrats Lisa!!
    You have educated many homeowners to the fraud being perpetrated not only in Flordia but across this Nation’s Public Land Records. Your first hand “Knowledge” of this along with your compassion to seek Justice is very rare these days. Politics can get nasty, having you run for the “Clerk of Courts” Palm Beach County is like a breath of fresh air, continue to do all that your capable of doing, hold your head high an forage ahead, show them what your made of!
    T.Y Matt for all that you do!

  • Rebecca Sharp says:


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