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Florida’s Supreme Court: It’s Critical, We Need More Judges

The crisis that plays out in our courtrooms has gone far beyond being just a huge problem….it’s a critical issue that challenges our entire way of life.   From the time this country was founded, we believed in the need to go into fair and well-funded courtrooms to settle our disputes.   If this foundation is challenged what’s next?

Some of our judges believe that the quality of justice being delivered today is suffering because they do not have adequate time to devote to each case. We find that observation troubling. Over time, these factors can result in a weakening of the effective administration of justice throughout the state.

Fourth, the mortgage foreclosure crisis continues to challenge every judicial circuit in Florida. The attendant workload associated with the total volume of foreclosure filings far outweighs current judicial capacity, notwithstanding the additional senior judge and case manager resources provided by the Legislature to assist with this crisis.

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  • triumphant says:

    Perhaps Florida should consider outsourcing foreclosure cases to Lender Fidelity Judicial Services, LLC for more expeditious processing? That company could certainly rubber stamp pro-lender judgments faster than any judge alive and, as a “bonus,” also fabricate any necessary damning “evidence,” all for a few dollars per case file! 😉

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