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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida’s Judicial System, Again On Display….The Nation Split And Outraged.

Have you heard about Trevon Martin? How about George Zimmerman?

And what about the protests and all the national discussion?

Well, what really has me wondering is why people aren’t more concerned about what’s happening in Florida’s foreclosure courts.  The Zimmerman trial was, comparatively, a model of due process and the Rule of Law.  Whichever way you lean on the outcome, all will agree that there was a process.

Not so in foreclosure courts where state leaders have directed that, THE DOCKETS BE CLEARED! (and due process be dammed)

Consumers who find themselves facing the full frontal assault of state power will feel this first hand in courtrooms where their rights to property are stripped away under the thinnest of pretense.

And while we were all taught to protect


I cannot understand why so many stand aside silently as power is grossly abused in order to reward the banks…the end product being to use government power to throw families out into the street so property can be isolated in the hands of fewer and fewer.  Why are not more people outraged by the use of “our” nation’s court system to systematically abuse due process and reward corporate wrongdoers?  Where are riots in the street for these violations?

Not only does this portend very bad things for a (broken) system of governance, the economics fail.  The result?


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  • wiliam t lewis says:

    Matt,also renters are not concerned with homeowner troubles,they are in other battles with this broken system

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