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Florida's Fantasy Retirement Portfolio- And The Lawsuit That Alleges Major Violations..

fl-mellon-bankOnce you understand “our” government does not serve us at all, but instead serves the banks and Wall Street and the monied vipers that are sucking the life out of all of America.
Goldman, The Banks, The corporations, all working together to suck every little penny and nickle from the bank accounts and paychecks of all of us….with the cooperation and direct support of the government they own.
I’ve long been fascinated by the claims of Florida’s Retirement System, asserting that they hold $128 billion in money for Florida’s judges, sheriffs, teachers, cops….and that they earned a whopping 22% return on that in 2010.   Sorry, but I’m not buying it.
Now one of the key custodians of all that alleged money is a little ‘ole company called The Bank of New York Mellon.   But, according to this attached lawsuit, The Bank ain’t exactly acting all trustworthy…..
Remember what happened when the good Republican Senator Mike Fasano started asking a few questions? He was attacked and persecuted…..
When exactly are Americans going to finally wake up?
But Read The Lawsuit Here


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