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Florida’s Court System is Underfunded, And The Result Hurts Us All

One of the biggest economic disasters is unfolding even as we speak in Florida. It’s happening in foreclosure courtrooms, but you’d hardly know it.  The state is looking at a three billion dollar deficit in their budget that will result in a smaller police force, increased inmate releases, and less effective medical care for citizens who need it the most. Several important youth programs and organizations that protect various people will be subjected to severe budget cuts or stopped completely. Those who are the most innocent will end up losing the most. Despite all of these cutbacks and losses that the citizens of Florida will face, financial institutions and banks that deal in foreclosures will be raking in billions of dollars.

An Underfunded Court System

In the Florida Supreme Court case Crist versus Ervin that occurred on January 20 of 2011, it was noticed that the state’s justice system is quite underfunded. The Supreme Court had to determine if the court system could be deemed “Constitutionally Underfunded”. They decided that it did not meet that definition, but I am sure that will change after all of the evidence from this crisis is discovered. Financial institutions, banks and Wall Street foreclosure gurus have created a crisis that will plague courts all over the United States. Our court system is not able to deal with such a large crisis due to a lack of funding. Despite all this, government officials are pressuring the courts to deal with the foreclosure cases immediately.

Unless the Florida court system is deemed to be constitutionally underfunded, they will remain severely underfunded. The state may decide to make this official ruling once the banks that control this country have violated the fundamental rights of its citizens. Despite all of the negativity, there are many great examples of Florida judges who are taking the side of the average citizen and consumer, the Constitution and the Law. I recently obtained an order that shows an instance of such a judge. The order deals with the inability of foreclosure companies to adhere to the Florida Supreme Court’s rules. These companies thought they would be able to get away with these violations, so they decided to take a chance with the law and they lost. However, their risk taking will cost taxpayers millions of dollars due to using the court’s time and resources. Also, the breaking of these rules violates the basic rights of Florida citizens, which is something that no one can place a price on.

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