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Florida’s 30-Second Foreclosure Dash Hits Wall of Fraud Claims

By David McLaughlin

bloomberg-foreclosures“Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — Home to more foreclosures than 47 U.S. states, Florida sought to clear out its backlog with a system of special court hearings that dispensed with cases quickly, sometimes in less than a minute.

Homeowners like Nicole West now threaten to slow that system, Florida’s so-called rocket docket, to a crawl. West, who has been fighting to save her Jensen Beach house from foreclosure, has leveled a new allegation in her three-year battle: the entire process is based on fraud.

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  • litgant says:

    If justice is slow it is still justice. How in God’s name is a quick court justice when these senior judges could care less if there is fraud? They are given immunity from prosecution to give this unjust system power. Our system of justice demands equity and the rule of law. When neither of these are behind the sacred altar and sitting on the throne of foreclosure, our courts are a sham. All over Florida these are courts of shysters. They meet secretly in their conclaves and discuss how to better rocket docket. They scheme to deny defendants their constitutional rights, especially those who are Pro Se. We do not need a slow down we need an abrupt STOP to this illegal sham. Thank God their are defense lawyers who are men of courage and men of charactrer and have not sold us out to the bench cult. These corporations involved in this fraud, especially MERS need to be destroyed by millions of law suits alleging fraud. Make them pay until they lose everything. But Obama will give them another trillion to bail them out and give large bonuses to the crooks. Thanks Mr. Weidner for being a lawyer with respect for justice.

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