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Florida state courts are in crisis…






Not my words, they come from The Florida Bar Website:

Florida state courts are in crisis. Two years of budget cuts have undermined adequate and equitable funding of the court system, forcing layoffs and hiring freezes. In addition, by legislative formula, filing fees paid by court users do not directly go to fund the courts. On top of budget cuts and restricted revenue, caseloads have ballooned as the economy faltered. The result: Citizens are experiencing unreasonable delays in having their cases heard and resolved. To maintain the responsible administration of justice and to preserve the crucial role of the courts in resolving disputes in a fair and timely manner, Florida must adopt new budgeting practices. Lawmakers should have oversight of the distribution of filing fees rather than allowing county clerks to use those fees in their offices without legislative review. To ensure proper oversight and accountability of court user fees, the Legislature should budget for all officers within the Judicial Branch, including county clerks of court, and establish the appropriate level of funding for each.

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