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Florida Judge Finds Fraud In Foreclosure- CASE DISMISSED.

Here’s something you won’t see everyday….(you’ll hardly see it ever)…



And yet…after many, many years….this is precisely what the court found in a Final Judgment just entered this week.  The case was a “typical” foreclosure case….except that sometime shortly before trial, the bank realized they didn’t have a critical document that they needed. So what did they do? Did they:


A) Admit they were in trouble and take a dismissal?

B) Did they approach me ask for some kind of reasonable settlement?

C) Did they try their case without problematic document?

D) Did they attempt a really crude and ugly cut and paste forgery job?


The answer is D.  Someone working for a bank in a foreclosure case went out, used a very, very crude bit of electronic file manipulation, fabricated a piece of paper and then submitted it to the court…just so they could get their foreclosure judgment.

It has taken many, many years before I could finally get all this to court and have an admission on the record that in fact a blatant and flagrant forgery occurred…but at least today we finally got that on the record.  Just have a look here below at how bad this is…..what you’ll see is they just crudely dropped out the records and placed in text they needed to proceed with their judgment.

Crude. Ugly. Insulting. A Fraud On The Court.


The real problem is, we’ll never know how much of this happened…just how much of this kind of conduct flowed through the system. And far too often, in the rush to “Clear the Backlog” judges just let this flow through.

I ask attorneys and anyone else involved in the legal process…

“What do you think about documents and evidence that are forged and submitted to courts?” and “What would you do if you find that documents are forged in family law? Criminal? Or any other kind of case?”

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