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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida Foreclosure Fiasco, Senate Bill 1666 Heads to The Senate For a Vote.

The Florida Senate is making moves to pass a badly conceived and poorly executed piece of foreclosure legislation… session winds to a close, we can all only sit on the sidelines and scream…WATCHOUT!
It’s bad law, according to the Sarasota Tribune:

The Florida House of Representatives approved a bill this week that would expedite foreclosures in a way that could put consumers at a disadvantage.

The legislation’s motive may be benevolent, but the measure is ill advised. If it reaches the Senate, that chamber should reject this bill and work for real cures to what ails the housing market. Needed changes include boosting legal aid and court staff; rectifying unfair loan practices; helping “underwater” homeowners; and requiring more lender cooperation on loan modifications.
The measure approved Monday by the House, CS/CS/HB 87, is designed to accelerate foreclosures in which the homeowner has “no defense,” as supporters of the legislation put it. These suits would undergo streamlined judicial review.
But opponents warn that the expedited process could deprive homeowners of time needed to ferret out lender misdeeds and errors.


  • Victor uszerowicz says:

    Matt: today is May 3rd, I hope it’s “Nay 3rd” concerning SB 1666. What is the latest status of the bill? Is today the last day of this year’s legislative session?

  • speakout says:

    Forget loan modifications, or other bank “solutions” to the foreclosure mess. The FACT of the matter is the banks NEVER lent any money to the homeowner in the first place! Don’t ask them to produce the note, ask them to produce proof of FUNDING of the loan. They will never respond.
    Where is the cancelled check of the funds that were supposedly “lent”? Have you ever seen one? Did the “borrower” deposit the “loan” funds in his bank account? NO. The first sentance of the note says- “For a loan I have received, I promise to pay..” When did the borrower receive the “loan” proceeds? It is a shell game. NEW capital is created every time a “loan” is written. It was never money that existed on the banks books that was “lent”. This IS the fraud! The note and the mortgage are 2 separate assets. They cancel each other, but the bankster will never admit to that. It is double entry accounting. One goes on each side of the ledger. They are “holding” the asset of the note which is the money created by our signing on the instrument, like a check.
    I went to court and the banksters witness testified to this. Judge awarded judgement to them anyway, because he is getting paid by the banksters through his pension, invested in the banking industry. All judges in Florida should be barred from presiding over any foreclosure case, as all are “working” for the banks.
    We need to bring the corrupt legislaters up on charges of treason against the people, for violating our rights under the constitution. They do NOT have the right to take away our rights! THIS IS TREASON! HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! They are public SERVANTS! Hold them to their oaths, or make them resign. Forget waiting for the next election. It will be too late.
    If they want to take away our rights as homeowners, then DON”T ask us to pay property taxes! As that is taxation without representation. Time to dust off the constitution and make them follow the LAW.

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