What can a Florida defamation lawyer do to help you when you are considering filing a defamation suit? That’s exactly what we’re talking about today! As a reputable law firm in St Pete, Florida, Weidner Law has experience working with clients whose cases run the gamut from estate planning to defamation suits, and no matter what your case is, Weidner Law attorneys will always fight for justice for you! But today, we want to talk about how our Florida defamation lawyer can help you!

How a Florida Defamation Lawyer Can Help You

Before we talk about how a Florida defamation lawyer can help you, let’s quickly touch on the concept of defamation.

There are many cases in which you may consider filing a suit for defamation, for example, when a competing business owner attempts to dink your business by starting a rumor that your business has a rodent problem and this is not the case. Or when a journalist publishes an article that states that your mattress store is the source of a recent bed bug outbreak in an attempt to have their article printed on the front page of the newspaper when this is not the case.

But why pursue a defamation suit, why not just ignore these incidences and let them pass?

These types of situations are not just hurtful to the business owners in question, they can have a lasting impact on the long-term outlook for the business too. In fact, if they’re left unaddressed, cases of defamation like these can cause a business to fail within just a few months particularly in the case of service-based businesses!

So, what do you get from filing a defamation suit since you can’t take back what’s already been said or printed?

While filing a defamation suit won’t make what was said about you or your business “disappear” it can result in a public retraction or, quite simply, a settlement or court decision which makes it clear that what was said simply wasn’t true.

But how does a Florida defamation lawyer help you with your defamation suit?

Obviously, the answer to this question varies on a case by case basis, but let’s talk hypotheticals…

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Help You to Determine Whether You Have a Case

The first thing your Florida defamation attorney will do is listen to the details of your situation and help you to determine whether or not you have a case that can be pursued. This is important because if you try to pursue a case that has no grounds you will not only waste time, but you’ll also waste money.

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Gather Evidence

Once your attorney has determined that you do have a legitimate defamation case, they will set about collecting evidence in your case. This can be a tedious process which is why it’s always beneficial to have an experienced attorney on your side. Since defamation cases rely so heavily on evidence, it’s crucial that you have an experienced attorney to help you to consider ALL of the evidence that may influence your case and assist you in gathering that evidence.

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Play By the Rules

When pursuing any type of legal action, it’s always important to “play by the rules”. Depending on the type of defamation suit you are filing as well as the specifics of your case, different “rules” may apply. Fortunately, an experienced defamation attorney is familiar with these rules and will help to ensure that you don’t flagrantly violate them and influence the outcome of your case. Your attorney will make sure that all evidence in your case is gathered according to the proper protocols, that all depositions are performed according to the proper procedure, and that anything and everything that is done for your case is done in such a way that it is admissible in court. This is crucial because it means that your case cannot be thrown out of court due to improper procedure or lack of cause.

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Take Care of Discovery

The discovery process is done to prepare for trial and involves the exchanging of evidence with the “other side”. During this step, your attorney will draft interrogations and arrange depositions while planning your case strategy.

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Handle Settlement

If settlement before going to trial is an option for your case, your attorney will handle this settlement agreement. Most civil defamation cases end up settling.

Your Florida Defamation Lawyer Will Go to Trial

If your case is not settled, your attorney will handle the trial process for your case. During this process, your attorney will present your case while following the proper court procedure. They may call expert witnesses for your case and they will question witnesses for the defense as well. This is the most important step of your legal case because it will determine the final outcome as well as what if any, compensation you receive. It is never advised to try to represent yourself if your case goes to trial simply because court procedure is complex and the smallest mistake can impact the outcome of your case.

Do You Need a Florida Defamation Lawyer?

If you are considering filing a defamation suit in Florida and need a Florida defamation lawyer with experience who can represent you, Weidner Law can help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 727-954-8752 to make an appointment for your initial consultation with our experienced attorneys and see how we can help you to overcome defamation and get back to focusing on business growth!

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