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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Florida Courts= Falling Victim to Legislative Extortion

Our third branch of government should be independent, well funded and should serve to protect The Constitution and the rights of rights of its citizens above all else.   Our courts should serve Justice and The Law and should eschew all other interfering factors.

Instead, our courts have fallen victim to a dangerous calculation and our courts are now serving a different master.   Our courts serve the almighty dollar, and budgets and timelines. But these things often conflict with Justice and The Law.   Nowhere is this fatal conflict more evident than in the hijacking of our courts to serve the mis guided interests of the banksters and Wall Street.   Our courts are selling out to the devils that caused most of our problems in the first place:

A panel of lawmakers examined the scope of Florida’s mortgage foreclosure crisis on Tuesday as the Legislature prepares to introduce legislation that would speed up the process.

State leaders have already discussed making Florida a non-judicial foreclosure state, an option some believe would resolve cases twice as fast as the judicial route. While that may be nice to consider for the future, the soonest that move could go into effect would likely be July 1, 2012.

The delay would not do a thing to relieve the strained body at the center of the crisis: the court system.