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well, read the following story….guaranteed to provoke outrage fatigue in you.

Your government hard at work prosecuting a common man, while the fat cats live with absolute impunity.   Using an attractive female FBI agent to seduce and trap their victim.   Diving through garbage. Building the most absurd case on shaky facts.   Destroying a man.   What a country we’ve become.

Read the story below, then when you’re done learning what your government has done to this man, please, please,   please, click on the Running the Sahara link below.   It’s an amazing story about three men who run more than 50 miles a day for more than 100 days.   Running the entire length of the Sahara Desert.   I watched the movie years ago and I was inspired by the human story and commitment by these three men.   I was proud of how they used their struggle to raise money and awareness for those desperately poor people living in Africa.

An FBI agent watched the same movie and thought, “these guys must be doing something illegal and I’m going to get them.” He then set about to destroy one of them.   The story makes my skin crawl.   It makes me seethe with anger.   Evil incarnate.   This is what your country has become.




  • triumphant says:

    Matt –

    A small correction to your commentary: The government “agent” who initially watched the movie was, according to the NY Times story, not an FBI agent, but an IRS agent, who probably thought, “I bet that guy hasn’t paid enough taxes.”

  • says:

    Another example that America is a parody of its former self.

    Compare Charlie Engle’s case to the military valor case recently decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco (9th Cir.). The Court affirmed that lying about military service protected speech

    Chief Judge Alex Kozinski added if the government makes it illegal to lie about military service, then there is no protection for the lies that arise every day. “Phrases such as ‘I’m working late tonight, hunny,’ ‘I got stuck in traffic’ and ‘I didn’t inhale’ could all be made into crimes,” Kozinski said. “Without the robust protections of the First Amendment, the white lies, exaggerations and deceptions that are an integral part of human intercourse would become targets of censorship.” Kozinski noted that “Alvarez’s conviction is especially troubling because he is being punished for speaking about himself, the kind of speech that is intimately bound up with a particularly important First Amendment purpose: human self-expression.

    Seems to me that Charlie Engle was just exaggerating to the female undercover agent in hope of impressing her. Neil H. MacBride who prosecuted Engle was nominated by President Obama

    Neil Gillespie
    Ocala, Florida

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