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Federal Lawsuit to Dismiss Every Foreclosure Filed in America


Wow!   Every once in a while I read something truly mind blowing…totally off the wall and completely revolutionary.   I found that just a few minutes ago in a lawsuit filed by private citizen Paul L. Muckle and suing Barack Obama, George Bush, Timothy Geithner, Henry Paulson, Sarah Palin and the governors of all fifty states…that’s ballsy!

All 106 pages of this masterwork can be found here. Although it is drafted by a layperson, it really is brilliant and lays out quite remarkably a variety of causes of action that could (on a longshot) and probably should be pursued against all the elected and appointed leaders who were complicit from the very beginning in the financial fraud that brought this country to its knees.   As this crisis continues (and the truth of the matter is its quietly getting worse), we owe it to ourselves to read this lawsuit and at least understand some of the allegations.

Fraud, lies, conspiracy and treason!

The mess that is our current financial, banking and mortgage system is more than even the most sophisticated person can possibly comprehend.   I spend ten hours a day working on this problem and the deeper you dig, the more complex, convoluted and mysterious it becomes.

Take a moment to read it….staggering.


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