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Fannie Mae's Response to Foreclosure? Throw Americans Into The Street, Sell Homes to China….

The federal government, with its friends The Banks and Fannie and Freddie, are selling off the homes they’ve thrown Americans out of to rich private investors.   That’s bad enough.   What’s worse is, it appears it might be even worse…what if those homes were being sold to rich foreigners?….

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A few days ago, 275 foreclosure houses across metro Phoenix were purchased through a very quiet $34 million cash deal. But it’s not clear yet who the buyer is.
In February, Fannie Mae announced it would auction 2,490 foreclosure homes in Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It was the first time the government-owned mortgage firm agreed to openly sell groups of foreclosure houses located in just one metro area. Since the crash, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac usually have sold homes they get back from lenders one by one, or in bulk with houses located all over the country.
Several buyers were interested in the Phoenix houses Fannie Mae was selling. Originally, 341 in the region were to be sold to one buyer, according to the federal government.



  • johngault says:

    Gee, maybe the mystery buyer is Bill Gates and he is going to
    deed the homes back to their rightful owners.

  • Jay says:

    Why doesn’t our government refuse to allow foreigners to buy American property? It’s just like their decisions on nucleaqr power plants when they had ALL the info that their was no safe storage for the spent rod, water, etc., and how it would be unsafe for generations…but they went ahead and built them. I wish we had thinkers and not just takers in out government.

  • Concerned American says:

    Fannie Mae is holding homeowners hostage through their servicer/henchmen “seterus” who place ” credit enhencement”on homeowners(who btw have good credit and never miss payments) loan so they can show ineligible/refer with caution when trying to refinance with a new lender.They’re making it near impossible through denied modifications,HARP refinance, etc. to keep our homes so some dirtbag/ nouveau rich dirtbag can swoop down, buy, then rent our former homes to make themselves more money after our dreams of homeownership die.This is all because we dared to buy a home without 20% down, but have maintained payments…none of it makes any sense!! just found out that the FHFA is backing Fannie Mae!! were’nt they supposed to regulated them!! i smell a huge conspiracy to keep the rich richer and the middle class on it’s way to the poor house. Somebody please start a class action lawsuit!!!!

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