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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Fannie Mae Terminates Relationships With More Florida Law Firms?

Fannie-maeI had my first experience in a Lee County courtroom today where one attorney’s job appeared to be to make excuses for all sorts of problems…after all, her firm was withdrawing from 150,000 foreclosure cases all across the state…..sorry bout all the problems, the court orders violated, the chaos it was causing….oopsie!   I give her credit, she danced right along and the everything seemed to go her way…good for her!   Oh, wait a minute, all of this chaos costs me and every taxpayer in the state of Florida money…total it all up and that’s millions of dollars.   Oh well, ignore all of that, we’ve got foreclosures to get through!

Now I see where the list of law firms on Fannie Maes’ Retained Counsel list for Florida is shrinking yet again…have a look at the list and see whether your favorite foreclosure mill is on board…Florida is on Page 4!

Fannie Mae Retained Counsel List