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Do Affidavits in Foreclosure Form The Basis for a Charge of Perjury?

“You know what I’d like to see?   I’d like to see in one of these cases where a defense attorney cross-examines, takes the deposition of these people and we can see whether they should be charged with perjury for all these affidavits.”

While I certainly share the exact sentiment expressed in the above quote, those aren’t my words.   They are the words of a judge. A Circuit Court Judge who is acutely aware of the solemn power and responsibility his position holds.   I encourage everyone who reads this blog to read the first transcript below and see just how seriously this judge takes his job.   There is a reason why Pinellas County and the Sixth Circuit is known as one of the toughest circuits in the state and why the case law that comes from this circuit is so powerful.

When mediation programs collapse in other areas of the state because lenders will not negotiate in good faith.   When lawyers and their clients are prosecuted for engaging in systemically unethical and fraudulent practices.   When real estate markets suffer even more catastrophic collapse.   When title insurance companies go bankrupt from claims of void judgments and fraud on the court, we will all look back at hearings like the one memorialized in this transcript and recognize that there were many judges and practitioners who understood the issues and began working to resolve them a long time before the collapse occurs.


There very much is a way out of the foreclosure mess that we’re all in and it’s all very simple.   Lenders participate in mediations in good faith. Borrowers accurately and timely disclose financial information.   Borrower and lender enter into long term settlement agreements that allow the borrower to stay in and maintain a home based upon the resources available to them.   That’s the best deal a bank’s ever going to get, but they’re not yet prepared to accept that deal.   Until they come to understand this, we must continue to press the very real issues that are detailed in the motions and transcripts below:

Rondolino Transcript


Calvin Johnson Affidavit, Obj to Hearing, Req for Contin, D’s Obj to P’s Mot for SJ-1

And finally, the touchstone case on admissibility of affidavits:



  • “ooh oooh ooh, pick me , pick me…”
    1st year attorney just filed against me AGAIN after kicking their @$#’es in court after the first 3 years. This time I have about 6 – 8 major defects in their complaint – and I would like to be one of the first in the State (it would be an honor and a priviledge) to BBQ opposing counsel to the point we could PROVE fraud on the court, abuse of process, perjury, violation of Bar oath, etc., etc., etc..

    Matt, we met at the rally for Tally. I have been a mortgage fraud researcher for attorneys and one of our country’s foremost f/c activists.

    I was born for this mission. I would love some back-up help with the Alliance for my attorney (who is pretty darn good in his own right! April trained him years ago…) 🙂

    I will be contacting all the major Alliance offices on Monday.


  • DSchiar says:

    Two things in Florida, I carry a gun and I carry a pen both are equal weopons. I have enough college to be dangerous.(Com arts & Criminal Justice)

    OK, My pen is workin pretty well this week as a received a call from David J. Sterns Attorneys on my case. They claim I did not contact them to schedual a hearing date and kindly said they would strike it if I did not change the date. OK I can understand that The court is full of my motions and when David Sterns attorney claim they are good ( who knows) They asked me what am I trying to do. I would not respond but quickly asvised them about their Pasco county case. They were quiet, I told them it was all over the net. They were not happy about that and then I shut up, called the clerk of Courts and told them about it. They claimed that Sterns attoneys are in the Court house everyday of the week. I e-mailed the attorney at Sterns and told him to contact the Judges office to discuss a date for the hearing.

    Any thoughts?

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