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Defamation of character attorneys have the unpleasant task of witnessing their clients suffer the consequences of being defamed. As one of those attorneys, Attorney Matt Weidner uses this information not only to fuel victory in winning his defamation of character cases, but he also takes that information to use as learning material for others who are unsure about pursuing a case of defamation by simply saying “it’s not that bad”.

Defamation of Character Attorneys: 7 Ways Defamation Can Impact You

So, just how can defamation impact you?

1. It Can Reduce Your Volume of Business

Even if you have always been the most reliable real estate agent for the past twenty-five years, if someone starts an untrue and unfounded rumor that you secretly take drugs or have a second family, whether it’s true or not, that rumor is going to affect how your clients and future clients view your business.

2. It Will Hurt You Financially

As mentioned above, defamation of character can and usually does influence your business if you are a business owner. In turn, this decrease in business leads to a decrease in income and that impacts both future success of your business and your current financial status at work and at home.

3. It Won’t Just Affect You

When you are the subject of defamation of character it doesn’t just affect you and the fact that it doesn’t just affect you…affects you. For example, if you are the subject of defamation of character, defamation of character attorneys will tell you that one of the easiest targets that these people go for to add insult to injury is your family. Of course, this is awful for your family, but it’s also devastating to know that you are the reason that they are being subjected to such a situation (even though it’s not your fault!).

4. It Doesn’t Just Affect You Now

Some victims of defamation of character try to take the approach that they’ll “wait it out” and that soon enough “it’ll all boil over”. Unfortunately, this very often isn’t the case especially when defamation takes place online. For example, when a defamatory comment is made online, it may be deleted at a later date, but by the time it is deleted, it’s already been read over, passed around, and will remain online via opinions, feedback, reposts, etc. What does that mean? It means that while it may get buried for a period of time, it’s never actually going to go away and that means that you’re always going to be wondering when it’s going to rise to the top again. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at a number of recent cases where something said in the past has been brought back to the surface.

5. It Will Hurt You

We’ve talked about how it will hurt you financially and hurt the integrity of your business, but what we haven’t talked about is how it will hurt you, period. No matter how thick your skin, after you have endured extended periods of defamation, after you have had your public and private life picked apart, after you have lost the business you spent your life building, and after your future financial security has gone down the drain, it will begin to sting. Of course, it takes much less than that for most people to start feeling it. The question is, how long will you allow it to go on and how much devastation will you let this person wreck on your life?

6. You Become a Target

When defamation puts you in the spotlight, it’s not just the subject of the defamation that makes the headlines (whether it’s gossip or paparazzi), it opens you up to being picked apart. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have something in your past that you want to hide, but we all have something in our past that we would rather not make the headlines. Unfortunately, when someone makes it a point to defame you they will often take whatever they can get as fuel to add to the fire.

7. Your Future Employment Could Be At Risk

So, you’ve been subjected to defamation of character and you lost your business as a result…you’re going to need to work somewhere, right? Herein lies another problem, that defamation of character can stick to you like mud and that’s never a great thing for your future employer to have in mind when they interview you for the job. Yes, there’s a chance they’ll still hire you, but there’s also a chance that they won’t…is it a chance you’re willing to take?

Ready to Hire the Defamation of Character Attorneys Who Will Fight For You?

If you’re ready to put the defamation that you are suffering into the past, consider giving Weidner Law a call today at 727-954-8752! Together you can fight your case and put an end to those nasty rumors!

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