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David J. Stern- The Government And The Lies, The Monstorous Lies They Keep On Telling Us

dstern-docsThe federal government are burying all of us and all of our children and all of our grandchildren and children not yet born underneath mountains of lies.   They are flying in so fast and furious that we cannot possibly keep up with them. They lie about the poison that is our food and water. They lie about the wars and the cost of wars, both financial and otherwise. They lie about the corruption that they are all part of and how our formerly free nation is owned by the corporations.

But the lie that I want to focus on for the last post of 2011 is one that is real clear and real direct and real, real easy to see…the lies about just how big   the housing Apocolypse is and the bigger lie that they just don’t know how big it is or how to do anything about it.

A few weeks ago Congressman Elijah Cummings wondered how it was that Fannie and Freddie’s lawyers were getting away with such monstrous conduct.   It was sort of an aside in a much more contentious debate that no one payed any attention to…the debate over Fannie and Freddie execs pocketing millions of our money while the plane called the American financial sector is being flown straight into the ground.

The ugly, ugly truth that the Congressman got right on the verge of really asking about is laying right there in the wide open for all the world to see. The conduct of Fannie and Freddie’s has been know for a very, very long time.   Read carefully the documents that are attached to this post and understand all the allegations made in them….they are just the tip of the iceberg.   What are even more compelling are the facts that are contained within the depositions that I am currently studying.   I wonder how the good congressman’s questions might have been a tad bit more pointed if he had read the documents at the end of this post…

The question we all must be asking and the question that every single man, woman and child in this country better start asking real loudly and real persistently is just how in the hell did our government allow this whole universe of FIRE (Finance, Investment/Insurance, Real Estate) burn so wildly out of control for so long?   Mind you the case profiled below started in 1999 and settled in 2002….a settlement that included payment of millions.

There is so much more here than meets the eye…perhaps it will be revealed at some point in time.   Maybe reporters will pick up on this and start digging deep.

I have already suffered because I dare to speak of these things publicly.   Just think about that for a moment…what I’m really frustrated about and what I keep screaming about is the hundreds of millions of dollars that continues to be stolen from the American people and a crime spree that continue unabated and I’m the one getting strung up for heresy.   I’m going to be paying the debts and the penalties of the banking criminals that caused this economic Apocalypse and the mere fact that I dare to protest subjects me to attack.

Well, I only hope that the good Congressman Cummings and others continue the inquiry.   It’s a long and complicated and deeply corrupted worm hole that everyone is avoiding going down, but we’re all going down it one way or the other.

Tomorrow I will release a post, my first of 2012 where I will predict that FIRE will burn all across this world. The FIRE that started by these villains of Finance, Investment/Insurance and Real Estate, unglued from any law or regulation or responsibility will rage like an inferno in 2012.

For now, the most compelling thing to read and think about is how the allegations contained within the following attachments were not enough to get someone, anyone to stop what has transpired since….









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