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Dad…Why Are Men From The Bank Breaking Down Our Door? It’s Okay Son, The Government Sent Them.

” Educate and inform the whole mass of the people”¦ They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

Thomas Jefferson

This week I took a break from the trench warfare on the front lines of the fraudclosure battlefront to focus on another line of demarcation in this war that pits the nation’s banks, Wall Street and the government they have bought and control against the interests of families and the values of Americans all across this country.

Allowing the banks to lie, cheat, commit fraud and abuse our nation’s laws and court system to throw Americans into the streets and seize property (and rewarding them with the 49 State Attorney General Sellout) is bad enough but I have turned my obsession this week to an even greater and more dangerous violation of fundamental American rights”¦.the fact that the banks have decided they can kick down doors, change locks, invade homes, engage in unlicensed contracting, create fatally dangerous traps in homes, deprive local governments of public safety revenue, provide false and misleading statements to law enforcement and to homeowners”¦.

The banks have drawn a battle line, a battle line that ” our” courts are supporting, which permits them to invade our homes at will.

In drawing these battle lines, they have set us all onto a very dangerous and catastrophic course.   ” Our” government and ” our” courts especially should protect us all from this descent into madness, they should reign in all the abuses, they should protect the people, they should sanction the crimes and the evil that is wrought upon this formerly great nation, but we all know that they are not only doing nothing, their government and their courts are directly complicit in allowing the darkest evils of the bullying and out of control corporations.   The banks and Wall Street criminals engage in years long coast to coast crime spree, they wrench money from every man woman and child in this nation, then throw a bribe/kickback to the states so they can plug their budget gaps.

Bondi and Rick Scott are apparently down at the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands even as we speak….I wonder if they’re figuring out what Cayman bank to drop their portion of the loot into?

This will stop.   It has to stop”¦right?   They cannot get even more bold and out of control”¦.can they?     This will not reach a point where they convince lawmakers and the rest of the sheep that our courts are just too bogged down and that Due Process and pesky words like Rights are just, well, pesky words”¦.right?   The wholesale brute force hijaking of a formerly good nation will not continue, right?

Well I won’t stop one way or the other.   My punishment for all this might very well be a dissident camp.   They surely will continue to punish me and the other foreclosure and consumer defense attorneys who continue to challenge this madness, but one way or the other, I will not permit them to continue this scourge.

Now they would all be better off to just admit the wrongdoing, and start on a correct and lawful course, but they of course will not do this.   They will continue dragging me down into the darkest levels of hell with them, the corporate minions and their gangs of $600/hour attorneys.

This week I spent thirty hours sitting in depositions and in courtrooms being assaulted and pummeled by their silk-stocking gangs.   I say this with the utmost of respect. They are in fact the finest lawyers practicing in this nation right now.   You see, when their clients have hundreds of billions of dollars in direct taxpayer profits and still more hundreds of billions of dollars that have been handed to them as gifts directly from the federal and state governments, they can certainly afford to send teams of lawyers to beat up and pummel the consumers and the attorneys who dare to stand up to the dark and evil corporate empire.   And they do it with all the passion of a computer assisted robot.   The pleadings and motions and letters and emails all loaded down with the doublespeak and cold logic of corporate statism.   The impossibly long lines of case law support each sentence betray the undeniable fact that we have all indeed been betrayed.   I can construct pleadings and motions and letters and emails, but my position as an advocate for The People and for The Laws has not been radically advocated for decades by Tall Building Strike Force Lawyers.   No, our beachhead has been pummeled, assaulted, attacked….for decades now.

It should be some form of treason, some violation of Constitutional, human or statutory rights that my taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the Tall Building Strike Force Lawyers that are exacting such pain and misery through the legal process on my clients”¦.because they dare to assert that banks should not be permitted to break down doors, drill out locks, ignore basic property rights without so much as a simple phone call. Our entirely corrupt state and national legislatures will offer no such relief, so there should be some sort of Geneva Convention that prevents these commandos from training the weapons that our taxpayer dollars paid for against the very people that paid for these weapons, but of course there is not.

And so we all see now that just as our taxpayer dollars built, provisioned and trained the Iraqi and Taliban armies that now have turned against us, likewise our taxpayer dollars built, provisioned and trained the armies of bank lawyers that are blowing Americans out of their homes and communities.   Just as our taxpayer dollars paid for the vast majority of all the explosive devices that have been used to blow into little bitty pieces thousands of America’s finest men and women (You didn’t really think those dirt farmers grew the blast powder found in the Improvised Explosive Devices did you?), so too have this nation’s lawyers been trained and then turned against us and the principles of this legal system they took an oath to protect and serve.

America has lost an economic World War because the treasonous corporate criminals gave away all the intellectual property that you and I owned as Americans to the Chinese.   Given as a condition of entering their marketplace.   But that national treasure was not theirs alone to give.   The fact of the matter is that every significant technological and scientific advance ever created by an American company was created in large part in cooperation with American government and universities.   All that brilliant Boeing engineering, all that genius GE technology, all those Intel chips were created in part with my tax dollars and they were my intellectual property, but the corporations gave it all away to China so that they could cash out their dividends and make their corporate numbers”¦we turned those weapons upon ourselves.

And that malicious computer code, those viruses that have the federal government showing SOPA and CISPA and NDAA down our throats, turning every computer and cell phone into a monitoring outpost of the Great Authorian Fascist state, you do know that all the source code came from the very software companies that are selling ” us” the technological band aids to fix the problems and make us ” safe”, don’t you?   The corporations turned those weapons upon ourselves”¦.a most profitable undertaking.

And once again just to drive the point home”¦. our taxpayer dollars been used to build, provision and train the armies of bank lawyers that are blowing Americans out of their homes and communities stateside.

It is indeed the height of despotic madness and tyranny that we have all paid to build the implements of this domestic war that are being used to destroy this country.   Just as surely as America built the bombs of yesterday that are the soldier killing IEDs of today, the implements used to impale Americans on the jagged and rusty sword that is our nation’s legal system were bought and paid for by the bloody human corpses that lie rotting away, rancid human flesh in courtrooms and communities from one side of this nation to the next.   The banks and their lawyers are state-sponsored justice-destroying strike teams, financed directly by the very people who find themselves staring down the muzzle of a fully loaded long gun.   Their message of tyranny and suppression is delivered, by hand, personally. By the process server.   For those that don’t get the message immediately, there is follow up in the form of hearings and more pleadings and unannounced property inspections. The unmistakable message is:


Auschwitz was never intended to be a summer camp for Europe’s vacationing Jewish population. It was first a Polish military barracks, then a model German worker’s town, sort of the EPCOT of Nazi urban planning.   That of course all changed when the raw materials necessary to fuel the war machine were discovered nearby. The camp adopted its welcoming salutation, Labor Makes You Free!   As the trains came rolling in, living skeletons waved signs and danced (such as they could) and sang the song Labor Makes You Free!   I’m sure the new arrivals found the whole thing a tad bit ironic set against the backdrop of the concertina wire and all. I’m sure that at least one or two wondered, “Labor makes you free from what?” But anywhoo, Auschwitz is not just a story about the power of slogans, it’s also a powerful lesson in good employee relations and the compassion of management.   You see, the camp’s first Commandant Rudolf Hoss was apparently a sensitive fella, in touch with his interpersonal side and he was acutely concerned with the feelings and emotions of the SS soldiers under his charge. Early on he realized that the work at the camp was really getting to them and he was concerned it was turning them into out of touch brutes”¦..apparently shooting men women and children in the back of the head became a bit demoralizing after a while. So Hoss had the camp’s entertainment director work up a brand new and far more efficient means of executing the Final Solution.   Today of course we know about the luxurious shower and spa facilities known as the Gas Chambers…..they surely helped to perk things up around the Officers Club and HQ was a much happier place when the showers replaced the frustrations and inefficiencies of the firing lines.   What’s the point here? It’s just that people can be trained to carry out orders.   And in difficult economic times, with easy enemies nearby, (why won’t those damn deadbeats get a job?) those lucky few with jobs are all the more willing to carry out their orders in order to keep their jobs.


Which brings me back to my whole obsession right now and the focus I want everyone to focus on”¦.the fact that the banks, allegedly acting on behalf of orders issued by the federal government in the form of Fannie Mae and HUD Servicing Regulations are ordering their soldiers to execute Orders to forcibly break into homes all across Amerika.   The bank’s soldiers dutifully execute those orders because,

” That’s what the computer tells me to do.”

Really, says I, you don’t question whether the code on the computer is correct or whether the Order is legally or morally proper?

” No, I do what the computer tells me to do.”

Your records show you’re talking on the phone with your fellow Amerikan, that you’re being paid by the federal government to run her through one of their many programs do you bother to tell him that you’re planning to send thugs to drill out the locks on her door?

” No, we don’t tell him. That’s not what the computer tells us to do.”

And what if their personal property is in the home, then what do you do?

” The computer tells us to ignore personal property”¦that’s what the computer tells us to do.”

And what about that urn filled with her husband’s ashes do you just throw them out?

” The computer tells us to ignore personal property”¦that’s what the computer tells us to do.”

And signing all those documents, do you ever give them a thought?   Do you consider what you’re signing?

“I do what the computer tells me to do.”

And friends, that indeed is the terrifying state of affairs operating in this nation right now.   We have more than half the population on some form of government assistance.   More people homeless than ever before.   Millions of returning combat trained soldiers….many of them homeless and unemployed. Young people burdened with more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt.

In the midst of all of this, homeless veterans and street walking families the banks are sitting on hundreds of thousands of vacant and abandoned homes…and it’s not enough for them to hoard up then board up more and more homes.

Every day they process hundreds of thousands of Orders all across this country to inspect, then take custody of even more property.   They will harass and intimidate homeowners.   They will persecute and punish those who stand in their way.   Why?

Because they can, Because that’s what the computers tell them to do.




  • Jesse says:

    Great write up Matt. The realization that you along with others seem to address the Government as a person still blows my mind.

    These are Americans perpetrating these injustices to each other. How can anyone overlook this?

    Its a sad statement when when Americans are beating up on other Americans for speaking out.

    These Judges, Cops, and any other agency puppet needs to realize that the same people who they are beating up, arresting, and ruling against are the same Americans that pay them, put their kids through college, and allow them to retire in comfort. The problem is the tax payers have forgotten that they are in charge but when they realize whats going on the whole country will rise against all these crooks.

    Psywar shows exactly what has happened in this country and how the media has waged war against us all. I believe you would enjoy the movie Matt. The link is below.

    Have a great weekend…

  • Ray Shelton says:

    I know it’s tough out there people but there are some great judges who are not acting like collectors for the banks and many county and city clerks are now standing up to the Banksters/Fraudsters and Attorneys who represent them. Please remember that if you find fraud or forgery in your case as I have and the opposing council is made aware or it or should have know about it they may be committing a serious crime. Report it to the FBI and Attorney General in your state, put it on the record and expose the attorneys and their law firms who are participating in this American Tragedy. Clerks are suing the Bankster and insisting that no fraud take place, they are also demanding that they get paid back all the money that has been scammed from the cities and counties. They are Hero’s too.
    There are very big hero’s in this devastation that has taken place against American Families by the Banksters, one of them is attorney JEFF BARNES out of Beverly Hills CA and Boca Raton FL. He spends most of his days in the air flying from state to state defending foreclosure case and he is winning some very significant rulings that is helping to turn the tides. Another attorney is MATT WEIDNER who will never stop educating us through his blogs as to what he is going through defending others day and nite. These men should be getting more support from our governor RICK SCOTT and our politicians but they just sit on the side lines protecting the Banksters. They are shameful men who are helping to put innocent families in the street and forcing them into homelessness. But the Hero’s I speak of will go down in the history book as great defenders of the little guy’s who wouldn’t have had a chance against the Bankster without their help. Hopefully the Banksters board of directors will be indicted for massive fraud and forgery that has been committed all across this nation. Yes it’s sad that virtually none of the big payoff money went to repay people for the lost of their home. But even that may change soon if the right good men make a stand and put all that money back into the families who lost their homes to the Banksters. Have a great day and remember our Lord is on our side.
    Ray Shelton

  • Penni says:

    Hi Matt, thought I might contribute this as a possible answer why the AGs settled with the criminal banks…it’s good when you can use the settlement money to fix the state budget right? i mean, screw the homeowners who have been illegally evicted after their houses have been stolen from them with no recourse by the courts, why should the courts help if their pension funds are all in the derivatives packages that are worth nothing, so you might as well get that paycheck fom the states as long as the taxpayer is making their contribution through bank bailouts right? RIGHT?????

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