A rather remarkable component of the CARES Act: Evictions Suspended for 150 Days…NATIONWIDE.

The implications of this are just extraordinary….Congress issues a moratorium and an ACT OF CONGRESS that suspends evictions.

I question how or why a court is accepting payments for filing cases when the statute is suspended…and beyond this, courts should not be proceeding with cases and taking formal action such as issuing summonses, when Congress and state Order forbid the proceedings.

I’m happy to provide some pro-bono representation for vulnerable members of the population that are suffering.  If you live in this community and you’re elderly or a single parent or really are suffering, I am willing to take some tough cases on for free to make sure folks are not just completely abandoned and without hope.  I really encourage other attorneys and advocates to step up and provide relief and I look forward to working together with everyone who is working together. One of the great fears I hear people expressing is fear of evictions…and folks need to understand that evictions just shouldn’t be happening at all during this period. Period.

These are absolutely unprecedented times…and times will be very hard for a whole lot of people living around us. I really encourage folks to work together…because our courts really will be struggling in the months and years to come!

COVID Crash Update: CARES Act

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