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The entire judicial system of the State of Florida is focused on one clear and well defined goal:


Devote whatever taxpayer resources are necessary to accomplish this goal.

Ignore that the foreclosure debacle is largely the part of a grossly corrupt financial system.

Completely avoid the larger economic, social and political factors that caused the foreclosure debacle.

Conspire with the corrupt and criminal banks that cost every taxpayer.

Reward the banks for criminal, reckless and fraudulent conduct.

Ignore all laws of rule, procedure and evidence because, above all else, it is the function of Florida’s courts to:


It’s a function of Florida’s Fascist government to punish the homeowner, the consumer, the least and the lost among us.  It’s also a well established bedrock principal of Florida’s government to conspire with criminals and con artists that pay massive campaign contributions…doing so obviously pays very real benefits.  The benefits are those who commit the crimes, those who crash the banks into the ground are permitted to shovel money into their own pockets and walk away scott free, sticking the bill to the consumer, the voter, the worker that is first being punished with punitive bank action, then to add insult to injury, is paying real tax dollars for the court system that it inflicting the punishment.

Just as when the sadistic child abuser asks his victim, “do you want to be whipped into a bloody mess with a barbed metal pole or a heavy leather strap…pick it out, your choice.”  Florida’s court system and in fact the entirety of Florida state government, exists not to punish or even recognize any wrongdoing of banks and elites.  Quite the contrary. The function of Florida State Government.  Every branch. Every official. Every tax dollar spent exists to perpetuate and promote a gross and aggressive manifestation of Fascism.  Economic Fascism where the power, the institutions, the functions of government are so fused together with the interests of corporations and institutions…to the detriment of the interests of individuals…and of the larger social good.

This will only get worse. Much worse.  Worse because far too many people will focus on William and Kate or worse, Kim and Kayne. Or Baseball or Fooseball. Bread and Circuses.

And when this all collapses, millions of Americans will stand around. Broke. Broken. Terrified at the horror of the world that is created when corporations own government and criminals in both government and businesses run wild.

The Sarasota Tribute is the very best newspaper in the state. (Sorry Tampa Times, you’re not the same paper you once were.  You’re no longer doing anything close to the reporting that the Sarasota Tribune is doing.)  Read and deeply process the implications of the following story:

Almost 70 banks failed in Florida during the last five years.

Most executives say the failures were not their fault. They blame a tanking economy. Or meddling government officials. Or people who borrowed more than they could afford while the market was cooking hot.

But these bankers are wrong.

At least half of Florida’s community banks failed because their leaders were greedy, arrogant, incompetent or sometimes corrupt, a Herald-Tribune investigation found.

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