The US is an oligarchy.

Worse, it’s a kleptocracy

Down here on the ground level, the serfs must work harder to keep the oligarchs draped in the rich tapestries of their lives.

And the government exists not principally to protect The People, but to keep The People sufficiently controlled so that they will continue to serve the masters.

We will continue to be hit with confiscatory taxes and we will increasingly see aggressive enforcement action by law enforcement their job is to maintain social order to enforce the will of the oligarchs.

More Here From Forbes:

What happens if America’s largest drug company, Pfizer PFE +4.2%, and America’s drug store, Walgreen’s WAG +1.2%, both execute deals that mean they no longer will be domiciled in America, and as a result will pay far less in American taxes? Could mergers done for the sake of dodging taxes become a key issue in the upcoming midterm elections?

That’s a key question for all investors this morning as New York’s Pfizer, the largest drug company in the U.S., publicly detailed a bid to purchase AstraZeneca AZN +12.16% for $100 billion, 70% of it in stock and the rest in cash. Pfizer says the deal is being driven by the complementary nature of the two drug giants’ stables of products and by the costs it could cut, but it would also move its tax domicile to a holding company in the U.K. and therefore pay a significantly lower tax rate. This is known as a “tax inversion.”

“It would be very detrimental to the deal to bring in AstraZeneca’s profits into the U.S. which are domiciled in the UK,” Pfizer Chief Executive Ian Read said on a call with journalists. Pfizer would maintain its corporate headquarters in New York.

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