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Here ladies and gentlemen is the government that the banks and corporations have purchased for you….why are these people not screaming back?

Put me in a room with this guy…..or any of them….I want that debate……

US REP Joe Walsh






  • Triumphant says:

    The condescending, insulting and abusive behaviour demonstrated by this “Distinguished Gentleman” to his constituency reveals that he is neither “distinguished” nor a “gentleman.”

    If he is actually “sick of hearing” anything, at least, as a US Representative, he can avail himself of the gold standard of health insurance, provided for him at taxpayer expense as a federal government employee (US Representative). Or he can quit and go to work directly for the banks and still collect on his taxpayer-provided retirement benefit as a FORMER US Representative.

  • marco barraza says:

    Matt would he use that excuse also with medicaide fraud.The goverment forced us to make false claims so everyone would have great health care.

  • palmbeachdreaming says:

    What a total douchebag!!!

  • Grady says:

    Matt, there is no doubt that the big banks are criminal enterprises however, as I read your posts, I often wonder why you only seem to rail against Republicans. Both parties are corrupt. Is your solution to elect more socialists/Marxists like those in the Obama administration? Do you support wealth transfer, entitlements, and big government? I ask this sincerely since it is often hard to tell where you stand.

    • I have the deepest contempt for them all. I was a Republican and identify most closely with true Republican ideals. I suppose the reason why I rail so much against them now is I felt more invested in the party than the dems….and frankly because they’re coming out with very, very offensive stuff…..But I also recognize just how divisive the whole two party thing is…it’s just a big lie, a fiction…absurdity to think that any of the party labels mean anything….It just really hacks me off that I have no party anymore that speaks for me or defends my interests……

  • larry says:

    This is exactly why we need a revolution in this country. The Federal Reserve is the demise of our country.

  • Knowing says:

    The arrogance of this government prick telling someone to be quiet in a public establishment or he’ll be asked (told) to leave? This Nazi prick can choke on his own dick and then off himself.

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