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Concentration Camps, Mass Foreclosures And Rounding Up The Domestic Belligerents

I’ve just spent four exhausting days taking depositions and fighting for consumers all across this state.   I’m dead tired, bloody from battle and exhausted, but I’m also terrified and need desperately to get this off my chest.   Our angel still sings and the sheppard continues to lead the flock, but the darkness they continue to inspire us to fight continues rises up all around us.

After days in the crucible that was our former legal system, I have come to believe that there will come a time very soon where Americans will turn against Americans, neighbors against neighbors and we will enter a most violent and repressive time.   It may at be first regional or localized, but in time, it will spread all across the population centers of this country.

It may start with some dramatic and catastrophic event or it may continue to creep up on us as we continue this descent into economic oblivion.   Either directly or indirectly, food will be part of the gas that fuels the fire of madness, either because food supply is interrupted or because disruption to the banking system prevents access to the food people need.   Think about it”¦most Americans have 3 days worth of food in their homes”¦..what happens in a time of crisis when that food is gone?   And worse, what happens when Burger runs out of his Kings?

And for those of you that think all the talk of FEMA Concentration Camps is just lunacy we’ve only got to look back a few years to see when we proud Americans rounded up our neighbors and locked them in honest to God concentration camps, right here on American soil”¦..we called them Internment camps and our prisoners were our Japanese neighbors.   You do know many of the younger prisoners are still alive and live among us, don’t you?   As I heard one describing how he and his family were dragged away today, I didn’t stop to ask him whether he thought we had the capability of doing something like that again.

I know we do.

The jack booted thugs are already marching down our streets and their agents have already infiltrated every courtroom in this nation.   Don’t think for a moment what laws exist will stop them or that law enforcement or our legal system will have the power or wherewithal to intervene once the commands are given to secure dissidents, seize property and execute the Orders.   When the Orders come, they will be followed and no one will have the courage to stand up and stop them.

The march into this madness has not just continued unabated for years now”¦it has accelerated. We have seen for years now how our courts accepted blatantly forged, fabricated and false evidence as the foundation for hundreds of thousands of fraudclosure crimes.   More directly, our nation’s court system has for years been complicit in allowing our neighbors to be convicted of the crime of foreclosure based on knowingly forged, fabricated and falsified evidence.   The MERS cancer metastasized and spread and still few courts have ordered a full workup, much less the heavy doses of radiation necessary to slow the cancer’s growth. Not only have our courts been complicit, they became partners in these crimes, demanding in fact that more and more false evidence be created to feed the raging fire, the fuel necessary to feed the rocket docket.   All of this consecrated recently when the highest court cloaked these practices in robes of judicial discretion and political and economic expediency. And so It is wholly unrealistic to expect that our courts will stop the proliferation of the Kafkafication of our former legal system.

But then it’s not primarily our laws that will be turned against us or ignored by them.   Laws exist only for you and I.   They are governed not by statute or law, but by Regulations.   The Regulations that they drafted and which the leaders they bought and paid for decreed. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and HUD and FHA and SEC and Treasury and the TSA.

Their regulations permit Jamie Dimon to take billions from you and I and for John Corzine to lose a few million here and there bankrupting a few farmers along the way and for Morgan Stanley to blatantly lie to the suckers that still play their game”¦.and they’re all still shuttled between their castles in private jets”¦paid for with the money ripped straight from the heart of America.

The banks hire their jack booted thugs and brainwashed brown shirts to execute their orders and they follow those orders regardless of any law or statute those orders violate.   Remember, laws don’t apply to them, the regulations they choose to follow provide all the authority they need. There are no statutes or laws which allow banks to kick down doors and invade the homes of millions of Americans but they do.   Their Regulations tell Their computers and Their computers provide the Command.   The soldiers merely execute the Orders”¦.because that’s what the contract tells them to do.   And if law enforcement should happen to interfere, the jack booted thugs waive them off. Civilian law enforcement is no match for their Regulations.

There is no statute or law which permits the TSA to molest a child or detain a United States Senator or wrestle a Nobel prize winning and deeply accented former Secretary of State out of his wheelchair, but their regulations authorize and demand such tyranny”¦..and our laws and our courts and our useless Constitution yield to this madness.

And so,

When the Orders come to kick down your door and drill out your locks, the Orders will be followed.

When the Orders come to take everything you own from you, the Orders will be followed.

When the Orders come to drag you away, the Orders will be followed.

The Regulations must be followed after all.


  • Raptor says:

    “Their Regulations tell Their computers and Their computers provide the Command.”

    Very accurate. Welcome to the machine. Our country is being run by computers. Our property is being stolen by computers–specifically, by MERS. The beneficiary/mortgagee on our property is a computer database. But the courts don’t care about that–the “sanctity of contract” between man and machine must be upheld at all costs, even if and when the cost is our lives and our labor.

  • neidermeyer says:

    I’ve been hearing rumors about Fukushima#4 that sound pretty ominous.. maybe we’re building up the foreclosure inventory to house Japanese refugees.

  • rebelready says:

    The computers are the tool of crime–they promote crime in the courts. The US Courts have been infiltrated by domestic terrorist who set us up to be robbed with perversion of law and false court documents. The 3rd Branch has become a terrorist cell and the legislative branch does nothing claiming their impotence is governed by the separation of powers–CHECKS AND BALANCES- ARE ABSENT AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS UNBALANCED. Separation of Power applies to only legitimate process not blatant criminal activity therefore since the legislative branch knows the aforementioned they are clearly aiding and abetting criminal activity just as is the executive branch where federal law enforcement is non-existent if the law needs to be enforced against anyone in the federal government. The Supreme Court of the United States is a delegitimized body of power—each and every government body that may have an honest official at the top has criminals at the bottom to ensure no honest service–the tax payer is a slave to an in whole corrupt government. I recently filed a petition with the Supreme Court after corrupt attorneys, court staff and a magistrate judge blocked me from any legitimate court process. My filing fees were followed by dishonest service fraud in the appeals court for the first circuit. The evidence of corruption I presented in my petition to the Supreme Court was unquestionable along with the fact that a Disabled American had been denied access to the courts; the Supreme Court Denied the petition invalidating multiple acts of congress and the 1st and 5th amendments to the constitution as well as their own policy and rules. The question that needs to be answered is can a petition in the Supreme Court also fall to corruption with a false entry on a docket that distribution took place or are the Justices of the United States just as corrupt as the public servants in the lower courts when an ordinary American v. a corporation is seeking justice. My petition shows that the corrupt law firm Jackson Lewis who only represents corporations has a right to corrupt filings in the US Courts and that the court staff help them with fraud—now the Supreme Court is doing the same. If you do not have Inc. at the end of your name you have no rights in this country!!! see petition

  • John Anderson says:

    The corruption and evil you see has always been at work.
    As the Rothschild’s banking system has ran the world for at least the last 500 years, you have to study the past to know the future.
    It’s like the four seasons of California, Drought, Wildfire, Mudslide, & Earthquake.
    The Rothschild’s cycle is they make as much money as they can from the economy going up, then they depress the economy, and make as much as they can from from it going down, then when they see opportunity to use their influence to start wars, ranging is size from internal conflicts to world wars, where the big bucks are for the military industrial complex that they own and control.
    And when they pull their next false flag event “sinking of the carrier Enterprise, or a dirty bomb in NYC” You will forget the Kennedy coup, the Gulf of Tonkin lie, the very suspicious 9/11 attack, and the totally phony self caused economic crisis,
    And if you don’t believe them, it won’t matter because 98% of the public will.
    Our dumbed down fellow citizens do not seem to be concerned that they have lost rights gained under the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 and the Habeas Corpus Act 1679, and somewhere there is a unwritten law that says that stupid people have no rights.
    ” Those who value security over freedom deserve nether ”
    And now of course our paid off politicans who can no longer promise peace and prosperity, instead offer protection from nonexcistant threats, while ignoring the real problems of our system of fiat currancy created by the FED, that is owned/controlled by the Rothschilds.
    Below is a link to the “Secret Of OZ” Winner Best Documentry 2010. At 2 hrs long its the best history of money work ever, and should be shone in every classroom in America.

  • rebelready says:

    So where is my post??

  • Learning2 says:

    My best friend’s parents were locked up in California during this round up of Japanese. Once one has been locked up in their own country, their is no more trust.

    The only outcome, like the past, this Government (?) has succeeded in doing is destroying the trust…what little there was and what little remained.

    One can NEVER overcome the deep feelings and experiences of treatment such as this, EVER! ALSO, it is passed on to the future generations though it is never spoken about in public (same as toxic chemicals that are passed on through the genes).

    Now…let’s define ‘insurgent’, ‘occupiers’ , ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’, and finally, ‘psychopath’ and ‘Global Financial Terrorists’!

    If ever their was a Sin Against God (I am not religious), the U.S. of A. Government has covered ALL THE SINS available, and then some.

  • speakout says:

    Any “law”, statute, etc. that is repugnant to the constitution is null and void. Supreme court ruling.

    Stop believing their lies that “they” control. The PEOPLE control and we had better stand up and take our position ABOVE the crooks in DC passing laws AGAINST the people. This is treason. In the there is a copy of the chart of the structure of our government. The Constitution is ABOVE the 3 branches of government. The Constitution protects the rights of the people. The PEOPLE are the ones the branches have to answer to. WE are the power over them. So, why is everyone cowering from their void “laws”? WE need to arrest the crooks, and the judges, attorney’s, banksters, etc. that are in bed together perpetrating the crime against the American people, by NOT following the Constitution, which is the LAW OF THE LAND!. The crime they are commiting is called extortion. Title 18

  • chitown2020 says:

    All true Matt. No one is safe in a country where 1.) criminals are not held accountable for their crimes, 2.) criminals are allowed to keep re-offending. The predators are disguised as banks that lend money. They don’t. I was reading an interesting article that said if a bank claims in the mortgage contract that they are a LENDER who is lending you money, that statement renders the contract a nullity. These felons owe the Treasury., the AMERICAN PEOPLE….GAGILLIONS. As long as these crooks are allowed to collect money from US, pocket it, and not pay US back., no one should send them a dime.

  • Diana Cessna says:

    Matt, Thank you for your continued fight and efforts to sound the alarm. We’ve been screaming this for several years now. Slowly, more people have come to understand the danger. Unfortunately, more quickly, the fraud and propaganda exponentially grows. I, for one, have realized that my efforts to help people avoid fraud have turned into me doing what little I can to help them correct and repair the mistakes they made from being led into the fraud. It’s accelerating all right. Everyone will know soon and by then, it will be too late for most.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Blanket mortgages regarding commercial property is another predatory practice by banks that should be illegal. This predatory practice allows the bank to hide the fact they are using all of your property as collateral because all of this is hidden in the blanket mortgage. They say because it is a commercial mortgage they don’t have to follow TILA or RESPA. That is a LIE…..if a security interest is taken in the consumers principle residence 12 CFR Section 226.23 they have to disclose what they are doing.

    • chitown2020 says:

      Just want to add that blanket mortgages are another way for banks to bypass recording laws as well. They can also sell interests in in the same properties multiple times by disguising what property is hidden in the blanket mortgage. The blanket mortgage allowed the bank who refied my commercial mortgage to use my principal residence as collateral for the loan twice. The cross collat was never released by the previous lender. In the refi the bank took the liberty of using my principle residence to collateralize the loan again in the blanket mortgage. There should be no wonder why these mortgages failed and are now insolvent debts..The cover up for massive bank fraud must stop.

      • chitown2020 says:

        Just found out that blanket mortgages are loans used to finance the purchase of 2 or more pieces of commercial real estate. Therefore, the entire mortgage is a fraud.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Bloomberg news reporting worlds richest lost $1.5 billion as a result of Zuckerberg losses. I knew Zuckerberg was going to be used as a proxy for another robbery. The crooks are moving up the pyramid and robbing the rich to feed their sick need to control everyone and everything. They won’t stop until they bankrupt everyone with their credit/investment/insurance scam. Everyone should stop participating in their scams. The American people need leadership and need to be told to stop paying, using their credit and investing in their fraud. The FED bankster/Wall Street crooks are sneaky thieves and the politicians are complicate.

  • DolleyMadison says:

    They don’t even follow regulations – there is no lender, no trust,no investor/lender, no assignment made in Mers or at courthouse except by the originator on the date of closing 6 years ago who has been bankrupt for 5 years – yet in spite providing proof of no missed payments the servicer Ocwen continues to try and foreclose…on behalf of WHO?? In response to formal complaints to Regulator, Ocwen LIED – in writing, to the regulator, about items that can be, and were easily proven false, and in fact doco was provided proving it to be false. This violation allegedly results in a 1 million fine and class H felony. Yet Ocwen has done this 4 times with three agencies. Not only has nothing happened, they continue to try and steal my house. it is like an episode of the twilight zone…More than a dozen state and federal statutes have been violated…yet they continue to wreck my life.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Max Keiser reporting on his show today that 100 million people are unemployed right now in America…That is a startling statistic. That is why the mainstream media is not telling the American people the truth. A friend told me today that he and his wife are both working 10 hour days and they still can’t get ahead. It is ludicrous that we have accepted that as freedom. I have noticed a distinct police prescence everywhere lately. Even at a H.S. softball game today…3 police cars with cops hanging around the game with shirts on that said POLICE on the back in big bold letters. This is getting ridiculous. Black helicopters flying overhead all of the time as well. It is all a crock. When the FED crooks and the politicians are done robbing US and declare US broke and We The People REJECT their fixes for fraud they are going to do what? Throw millions of people in camps? Kill us for not cooperating? Oh well, so much for their corporate megopoly and Wall Street. They will have to play their evil game all by themselves because there won’t be enough people left to support their b.s. They are setting up their own failure.

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