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CNN/Matt Taibbi- Investigations Could (will) Bankrupt The Banks….

Make no mistake, I honor and support 150% Matt Taibbi and Rolling Stone for keeping the drumbeat up on all the wrong that is occurring throughout the entire financial system and all across this country.   How ironic it is that Rolling Stone is taking the forefront in pounding away on the nature and extent of the crimes and corruption that blanket this country. (With a huge runner up to Huffington Post)

How absurd is this world when a Rock and Roll Magazine is the only one that really gets it and keeps on getting it?

Listen to this clip and keep forwarding it along…..

CNN-Matt Taibbi


  • Cheryl says:

    Matt listens to Alex Jones, that’s why.

  • debi p says:

    Sounds like both Matthews really get it. There has to be a plan and no one is facing the facts that the big banks bankrupted our economy with their deregulations and cover ups. Until the whole higher up management teams go to jail- nothing will happen. Then and only then will the american people slowly regain trust. That won’t bankrupt the banks but continuing this fiasco will for certain . Thanks to both Mathews from the bottom of my heart and may God allways continue to guide u and keep u safe. Debi

  • Yes, Taibbi keeps the fight alive. We need more in main stream to do the same. There are a few others but they do not get as much attention as does Matt T.

    We must all keep speaking out against all of these illegal and evil doings.

    Matt W., keep up the daily grind. I commend you for not only taking the legal positions you do to combat these wrongs but for taking the time to publish your daily blog which keeps people informed.

    We, at TFD will continue the fight as well. While we do not post daily anymore, our focus is on our sister site, where our efforts to kill the “vampire squid” (name courtesy of Matt Taibbi), the top dog in this entire financial crisis will continue as well.

    The more we, the people, are heard, the more our politicians and lawmakers will have to start listening to us. After all, it is our country and we “hire” the politicians and lawmakers to run it fairly and “for the poeple”.

    Thanks again Matt W.

    • thank you and keep it up…we are making some progress….look for something very interesting soon…a sort of big push to get all these blogs out there as part of the larger discourse….

    • You need to get your blog DMCA compliant otherwise they will shut you down and bankrupt you. Look at the DCMA disclaimer on my site and put it up on yours. You also have to register (google DMCA) it will take you to the US copyright office. The deal is if you do not do the DCMA stuff they will come after you for copyright infringement for copying the stories and posting them on your site… have to reduce the amount of text you are copying and push the reader to the site where the actual story is published….technically even a few words is copyright infringement, but the sweet spot is a few quotes then directing the reader back to the source….keep your heads up!

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