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mortgage-burglaryNot so long ago in this country breaking into another person’s home would clearly have been a crime.

When law enforcement cared.   When those we elected to protect us cared. When Judges cared.

But that was long ago.   Before the banks, foreclosure mills and Wall Street criminals took over this country and trampled on the rights of any soul who dared cross them or get in their way.   Today we live in a much different world.   The banks and their agents are emboldened.   They fear no government official.   They fear no judge.   They are restrained by no law.

I have begun collecting terrifying examples of bank terror and will continue to publish the examples.   For starters, I want each of you to read the lawsuit I’ve just filed.   Read carefully the allegations made in the lawsuit, but most importantly read the report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department.   Read the findings of fact.   Two thugs broke into a home, moved property around, helped themselves to a beer.   The thugs returned and boldly told their victims they would return to terrorize again.   Two visitors to our country were terrified.   Thousands of dollars in property was stolen.   But the Sheriff’s office can seem to find a crime here.

The thing that terrifies me most about the incidents described in this lawsuit is the fact that I have logged dozens of phone calls to various levels of authority within the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.   I have spoken with street officers, detectives, supervisors, even internal affairs.   My calls have been ignored.   I’m not sure if I’ve gotten high enough up the chain of command, but I’m going to keep working, keep calling and keep filing lawsuits until this issue gets the attention that it deserves.

Pay attention to the facts in this case and be appalled, but sit tight and stay tuned because as bad as the facts in this case are, I’ve got worse cases and am preparing to file additional cases with even more grotesque facts. If law enforcement, particularly our elected Sheriff will no longer protect us in our homes, who can we count on to protect our families?   When one of these lender break ins results in physical harm either in Charlotte County or in some other county across this country, law enforcement cannot stand by and say they were unaware of this phenomena.



Please share your examples with me.   We cannot stand by and allow these fundamental violations of rights to occur.   I hope that press picks up on these stories and that our elected officials and judges will wake up serve those they took an oath to protect.

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