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Bombshell- Here’s the Transcript of Attorney General Motion to Quash Hearing

courtroom-transcriptsFlorida’s broad and extensive public records law requires that virtually all documents and records prepared by public officers or agencies be made available to the public.

Consider the arguments made in this transcript in light of all the developments that have transpired since this hearing was held.

Just read the transcript slowly and carefully…consider the arguments….consider the ruling….consider all the revelations in the interim……





  • marccooper5 says:

    On the bank’s mortgage foreclosure fraud,

    Dear Voter,

    This is the most important issue we will face in Florida in the coming future. The nature of real estate transactions will be affected by this.

    The Nov 2, 2010, election for attorney general will define who will represent us as our attorney as a state in this topic.

    We will need to chose between Dan Gelber and Pam Bondi. The bank that is foreclosing on you, your neighbor, or the comparable down that street that is being used to value your house, may have committed fraud in the processing of that foreclosure.

    The chief law-enforcement officer in the state of florida is not the governor, the Senator or the Congressman. It is the attorney general.

    Republican Pam Bondi has limited experience in the prosecuting of criminal cases and has no other experience than this. She was prosecuting DUIs in Hillsborough County Court and was not involved in the poltical process or even voting while her opponent was a an attorney for a US Senator investigating international terrorism.

    Pam Bondi is trying to get elected through FOX TV appearances and youtube commercials and unwilling to debate her opponent on the issues we all confront. She is a poltical pawn of the present attorney general, Bill McCollum, and does not have the breathe of experience to be our chief law-enforcement officer.

    Dan Gelber should be the next attorney general.

    Do not allow your poltiical partisanship to blur who is the better attorney in this race.

  • millerjenn says:

    Ok, I read the whole thing…I got to the last paragraph where he said, “Lastly this Court finds it very troubling……
    Forgive me, I’m not an attorney, but just speak the truth that the Lord shows me….but I think what he meant is that it is easier for the Court to use these cases to not take ownership. You see, no one wants to take ownership for this mess.
    It’s easier for him to blame and say the AG has no right to do this and say this under this law and this…..but the bottom line is, these law firms are acting illegaly….and if anyone’s Consitutional property rights are violated, it is the homeowners, unlike what he says that the AG is violating the law firms Consitutional property rights—give me a break.
    Well, the whole racket is coming to head and all the issues underlying it, such as this one, is coming to the surface. No reason to get mad at it because God is revealing the truth behind it and what is causing it.

  • litgant says:

    I am not sure what all that has to do with who will come forth to stand up for those facing foreclosure. I do not know the candidates but I have not seen either of them make public statments they are against the fraudulent documents and oppose foreclosures that are based upon robo-signers and robo-judges. If Mrs. Bondi wants my vote let her say she will investigate the foreclosure fraud. The same with your candidate Dan Gelber. So far you have not convinced me and the candidates have not either. On another note: thanks Matt for continuing to be a great defender.

  • magort says:

    Supreme court ducks. Circuit court ducks. The Bar seems to be asleep. The President ducks. The Secretary of HUD ducks. Everybody ducks.

    Except for Mr. Market. Note what is happening on Wall Street, especially in the past two days. The Citibank conference call is just the beginning. The whole house of cards is coming unraveled, and the investors will be suing the trustee who will be suing the investment bankers who will be suing the mortgage banks who will be suing…

    Eventually, someone in a leadership role in this State and in D.C. will come to realize you cannot duck a gigantic ponzi scheme like this forever.

    Great work, Matt.


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