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mA few weeks ago, a few dozen people in America were upset when someone figured out that Fannie and Freddie were taking bajillions of dollars from taxpayers then were turning around and shoving millions of dollars in their own pockets.

But that was a few weeks ago and people have moved on. No one apparently cares that Fannie and Freddie are bleeding bajillions and we’re all still shoving millions of dollars.

Watch the video very carefully. Just look how passive and non-plussed this whole discussion is.   There doesn’t even seem to be much anxiety, much less fear on behalf of the executives who are sitting in front of Congress, inquiring about obscene bonuses.   No shaking. No sweat on the brow, not even a glean, much less any drops of sweat.

Just a whole lot of arrogance staring back at a whole lot of empty seats and one or two of our elected representatives asking a few hard questions….and billions of taxpayer dollars just sloshing around the globe.

The whole thing is just ugly, insulting and frankly infuriating to the point that Americans should be out in the streets in numbers far greater than the mere tens of thousands that we see from Occupy Wall Street.

If you can’t stand listening to the whole thing, just listen to this exchange by United States Congressman Elija Cummings:

Cummings: Robosigning is not normal, it’s not supposed to be normal. Have we taken any efforts to punish these folks?

I’m not aware of any action that’s been taken.

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