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Foreclosure Defense Florida


stern-motionWOW FOLKS! This is big…hat tip to Lisa Epstein for picking up on the Florida AGs Motion to the Florida Supreme Court and even more for spotting the HUGE issues that are identified in this motion.

The thing that is so staggering about the question certified in the motion is the question itself….the questions Bondi asks of the Florida Supreme Court are nearly the same questions asked by the Fourth District Court of Appeal….

Should banksters get away with ignoring the law just so they can speed foreclosures through and evict people improperly?

What should courts or this Attorney General do when confronted with a widespread and systemic crime spree that impacts millions of Floridians and is decimating the economy of the entire state?

Florida’s Attorney General deserves credit for now asking the questions.   As hard as I’ve criticized for the inaction thus far, I will be the loudest champion and supporter when this AG gets behind efforts like the AGs in Nevada, California, New York.

The glaring problem with this petition and the entire approach is it is well settled law that law firms are exempt from consumer protection laws…everyone knows this absurd fact…and it needs to be changed…the problem, as this fact is applied to the action being taken by the Attorney General is that this approach risks a whimper of a response from the Supreme Court… it stands, the petition   does look like a publicity stunt….a way to state publicly that the AG tried to do something but darn it, the Supreme Court punted.

All the AG needs to do is expand the inquiry into the document mills hired by the banks and into the banks and the servicers themselves…oh, and this should specifically be expanded to include the so-called back end operations of the Law Firm of David J. Stern, DJSP Enterprises….perhaps someone could make that suggestion…so that it makes its way up the food chain for the Supreme Court to consider…..