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Bloomberg Story- Fraudclosure is A National Security Threat!

foreclosure-service-membersI have been begging for years now for persons in positions of power to wake up and realize that foreclosure is a threat to our national security.   At some point in time, the American People are going to wake up, and express the simmering rage and anger in very, very destructive ways.   It is a dangerous miscalculation to think Americans are going to continue to sit aside and watch their paychecks be sliced away, given to the banks.   And just wait until they realize their lifetime’s wealth, the retirement accounts and investments they think they have were long ago robbed and pilfered by the banks. There will be an anger and a rage that our existing laws and civilian police cannot contain.

I have real concerns for the members of the United States Military and First Responders who suffer the same things other Americans suffer….but do so while bullets are flying at them.   I repeat my commitment that no active duty soldier should face this alone and will consult with any member for free.   I’ve represented many and provided great referrals for others.   We must all stand together and do whatever it takes to show our soldiers a debt of gratitude for their service…..please contact me if I can serve.

But now read this most disturbing story from Bloomberg:

The housing finance setbacks that confronted Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the soldier accused of killing at least 16 civilians in Afghanistan, are one part of his story that many U.S. troops would recognize.

Bales and his wife owned a home in Washington state she was trying to sell for less than its mortgage and another that sits empty with a ” Do Not Occupy” sign from the city on the door. At one point, the couple owed more than $500,000 on the homes.

For soldiers who have been deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, such financial pain may compound battlefield trauma, said Matthew Weidner, a Florida lawyer whose clients include service members facing foreclosure on their homes.






  • Gene says:

    Thank you for your service Attorney Weidner.

  • jan says:

    Why isn’t every soldier given a free house for serving in the military? I think that would be an appropriate compensation since they are risking their lives for the “freedom” we supposedly have in this country. That also means the freedom for banks to operate here.
    The bank charges everyone who has a mortgage 2-3 X the amount, if you keep the loan for the 30 years, with interest paid in the front end of the loan. We are actually paying for example- $500K+ for a $200K house! Look at the RegZ, Are we stupid, or have we been sooo duped that we accept this as “just compensation” for a banker to facilitate the credit transaction which accesses OUR credit.
    What is the banker actually putting up? Where are they getting the “money” from? Banks can’t lend out depositors money. They were so broke in 2008 that they had to be “bailed out”. There is no money in our society, ONLY CREDIT. A digit on a computer screen!
    So why do the banksters need 2-3 X for profit? Where is all that “money” going? We have been financing the same houses sometimes 3 and 4 times over the last 20-30+ years! The same property that was only built once has changed hands many times over. And new loans are created each time on the same property, with new owners and new amounts! Think about it. This is called churning. Enormous amounts of money have been made on America- where is it? Where are the hundreds of trillions that are churned in our economy? Why is the US bankrupt? Why has this false bankruptcy been continued for 100+ years? The bankers never lent us anything! We gave them our gold in 1933. What did we get in return?

    • This is tyranny. This is the most pervasive and systemic invasion of a body politic since germany and the Weinmar Republic. We have hundreds of thousands of combat trained vets now on our soil….this is just the beginning.

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