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What happens when Bank of America, Wells, Citi, Chase all wake up and realize that the amounts they’re collecting each month for flood insurance will not even come close to cutting it?

Consumers are going to get increased payment statements…hundreds or even thousands more each month!

Florida’s Congressional delegation voted for Briggert Waters, but most disturbingly, I don’t remember that a single state leader or representative whispered a single word about it.  So how is it that the Gang of Corrupt Thieves operates in Tallahassee all year long, abusing consumers and working hard for the corporations that write their campaign contributions, but they cannot spend just a moment on protecting consumers from something that will do real harm?

The brief real estate recovery in Florida is now officially over and we can get back to an economy in a tailspin.

Not to worry though, Florida’s courts are going to continue pushing foreclosures through…doing the job given to them by The Legislature.

Don’t you think this might be (yet another) reason to re-evaluate the bone-headed policy of flushing out foreclosures for people living in homes?

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  • neidermeyer says:

    What is something worth when there are absolutely no bidders?

    Just had an article in todays Orlando Sentinel ,, Orlando has the lowest median income of any city in the US .. The golden goose has well and truly been killed.

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