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Bay News 9- Bank of America Halts Foreclosures? What Does It Mean?

More announcements just keep rolling out…today Bank of America announced that it was stopping foreclosures….but just what does that mean?


Have a look at the Bay News 9 Video Here

The fact of the matter is we have no idea just how big all of this is.   What is important and scary to note is the fact that these announcements are prompted by the companies themselves.   In the weeks and months to come, we will all be learning just exactly what is happening behind the scenes at the banks and the law firms that are responsible for all this foreclosure chaos that’s running rampant across this country.

Stay tuned and pull your boots up high, I predict the mud and the mess is going to greater than anyone can possibly fathom.

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  • says:

    Still it is not at the root of the problem just more coverup. The Bank of America has used Robo-signers to show the property is paid off which also is suspect. Al the following have the same notary attesting to the truth. We have the famous Linda Green on our assignment. Linda Green, who within 5 days (counting the weekend) signed as four Vice Presidents in July of 2009 she signed ours July 9 2009, and as two Vice presidents on July 13, 2009 signed the false assignment prepared by Docx a subsidiary of Lender Processing Services, LPS.

    On July 8 Linda Green on a mortgage release satisfaction and discharge, was ” Vice President” for Bank of America, N.A. as successor in interest by merger with Fleet National Bank, Kelli Woolever Notary Public.

    On July 9 2009, Linda Green was ” Vice President” for MERS as Nominee for American Brokers Conduit, Kelli Woolever Notary Public.

    On July 13 2009, Linda Green was ” Vice President” for MERS acting solely as nominee for American Home Mortgage, Kelli Woolever Notary Public.

    Also on July 13 2009, Linda Green was ” Vice President” of Option One Mortgage, Kelli Woolever Notary Public.

    Two months previously, Linda Green signed as Vice President and Assistant Secretary of Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
    We do have the documents posted on line

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