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Banks Can’t Process Loan Modifications or Short Sales, But Can Do Trillion Dollar Swaps Instantly…

If a client attempt   a loan mod or short sale, I make sure they know they’ll be sending the paperwork again and again, it will take the bank months, they will lose documents over and over and they will probably get denied.

The banks cannot figure out how to modify a few hundred million dollars in loans over years, but the Fed and the banks can figure out how to engineer trillions in dollars in complex transactions….overnight…..

Read this article and understand that worldwide banking today is nothing but crazy gambling….with our money….when will calls for arrest of Geithner and Paulson start resonating?

From the article:

US-BankBreaking that down:   JPM Chase holds 11% of the world’s derivative exposure, Citibank, Bank of America, and Goldman comprise about 7% each. But, Goldman has something the others don’t ““ a lot fewer assets beneath its derivatives stockpile. It has 537 times as many (from 440 times last year) derivatives as assets. Think of a 537 story skyscraper on a one story see-saw. Goldman has $88 billon in assets, and $48 trillion in notional derivatives exposure. This is by FAR the highest ratio of derivatives to assets of any so-called bank backed by a government. The next highest ratio belongs to Citibank with $1.2 trillion in assets and $56 trillion in derivative exposure, or 46 to 1. JPM Chase’s ratio is 44 to 1. Bank of America’s ratio is 36 to 1.

Separately Goldman happened to have lost a lot of money in Foreign Exchange derivative positions last quarter. (See Table 7.) Goldman’s loss was about equal to the total gains of the other banks, indicative of some very contrarian trade going on. In addition, Goldman has the most credit risk with respect to the capital  it holds, by a factor of 3 or 4 to 1 relative to the other big banks. So did the Fed’s timing have something to do with its star bank? We don’t really know for sure.

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