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I’m long past contempt and outrage at how The Banks are continuing to abuse my people, with the consent, support and approval of their government handlers.

I asked a colleague,

“What at all will happen when it’s proven Bank of America engaged in fraud?”

and then we both had a chuckle because we know, “Nothing at all will happen.”

The simple fact of the matter is that the banks steal our money individually, then the banks work with government to engineer ways to steal both our money and federal money.  A diabolical, systemic crime spree.  Taxpayer funded.

The problem of course is that Americans have become far to compliant. Far too complacent.  We’re all being mugged, robbed, abused.  But the criminals aren’t doing it with guns or knives, they’re doing it in suits. They’re doing it with badges and with logos and with official government authority.

More from Bloomberg:

Instead of helping homeowners as promised under agreements with the U.S. Treasury Department, Bank of America stalled them with repeated requests for paperwork and incorrect income calculations, according to nine former Urban Lending employees. Some borrowers were sent into foreclosure or pricier loan modifications padded with fees resulting from the delays, according to the people, all but two of whom asked to remain anonymous because they signed confidentiality agreements.

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  • nkmccarter says:

    Matt–Not all consumers are complacent. But a whole lot of lawyers are. I could not get an atty to take my case because it was pro bono. I fought my lender for over 4 years and finally lost. I have documents proving my allegations that the foreclosure was fraudulent. I was told my a seasoned litigator that I had a winnable case. And he would represent us–for $300k with a 25k deposit. We spent so much on attys, we simply ran out of money before we could find one to help us in our state.
    Now we are waiting for the eviction notice because we currently have no where to go. Not a good feeling for a 65 y o f living on Social Security.
    Let’s see if you post this missive. You didn’t post the last one I left–registering a similar complaint.

  • Anonymous Poster says:


    That’s a shallow statement. Lawyers are people too and have families to feed. They cannot possibly do every case for free/pro bono. Sometimes something has to give.

    After all being a lawyer is a business. Without income the lawyer is in no better condition than his/her client.

    I also call BS on $200k with a $25k deposit. NO lawyer would charge that much for a simple foreclosure defense or even an appeal. In fact, no lawyer would even charge the deposit amount you quote for foreclosure defense or an appeal. Whoever you paid ripped you off.

    That sucks but do not categorize all lawyers as “scum” for not putting their necks and practices n the line for you for free.

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