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Bain Capital isn't a company so much as an intricate suite of steadily proliferating inter-related holding companies and limited partnerships, some based in Delaware and others in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and elsewhere, designed to collectively house roughly $66 billion in wealth in its many crevices and chambers.

Yeah, sure…I agree….who really cares about Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns?
I mean, what would it matter if the next President of the United States of America was the vaguely human version of Goldman Sachs?   What if he had all the oozy ethics (lack thereof)   shown by Florida’s governor Rick Scott?
Now granted, I’m terrified of the corporate statist that currently sits in the White House, what with his celebration of innocent life murdering drone strikes and his intoxication with Constitution shredding policies like the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.
Surely when the choices in this nation are so bad that we’re all having to really decide which candidate is the least evil of the two….The lesser of two evils is still evil after all…..
But here’s what’s hitting the good news outlets today…..(notice I said “good” news sources….and you won’t see much coverage of this on the main streatm news…..)
Mitt Romney’s $250 million fortune is largely a black hole: Aside from the meager and vague disclosures he has filed under federal and Massachusetts laws, and the two years of partial tax returns (one filed and another provisional) he has released, there is almost no data on precisely what his vast holdings consist of, or what vehicles he has used to escape taxes on his income.
Romney indicated in a financial disclosure form that he “retired” from Bain on Feb. 11, 1999. Gawker reports, however, that the presidential candidate had a stake in Sankaty Credit Opportunities, which was not created until 2002.

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  • DT says:

    Ha Ha, you sound like that nut job at Alex Jones but your the democrat version !
    Dont worry Obama will be out of office soon, then you can go to washington and argue about chads and pregnat chads before the supreme court. LOL !

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