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Attorney General Says: Bank of America / Countrywide Deceived Americans At Every Opportunity

nationwide-foreclosure-settlementWhile Florida’s Attorney General is in a love fest with the banks and institutions and appears to have completely forgotten about the pesky little annoyances of things like “THE LAW” and ‘THE PEOPLE”, attorneys general in states all across this country are standing up for consumers and holding the banks accountable.   States like California, and New York and today, Nevada.

Still not a peep out of Florida’s Attorney General.   Yep, Florida, the epicenter of this crisis that seems to have the attention of attorneys general all across this formerly great nation that has been gutted and destroyed by the banks, and with the loyal and dedicated assistance of those in power.   Read on from ProPublica:

Nevada’s attorney general charges that Bank of America and the now-defunct mortgage giant Countrywide acquired by the bank in 2008, deceived borrowers and investors at almost every stage of the process.

“Taken together and separately, [Bank of America’s] deceptive practices have resulted in an explosion of delinquencies and unauthorized and unnecessary foreclosures in the state of Nevada,” the suit alleges.


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  • Concerned reader says:

    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is in the Judge Martha Cook camp, who according to Mark Stopa’s letter believes that the “only way” to improve the economy is to “push through” foreclosure cases as quickly as possible. This is a bank-centric view of the world. It’s kinda like the old days when America was a manufacturing powerhouse and “what was good for General Motors was good for the country”. Now bank sycophants like AG Bondi and Judge Cook believe what is good for the banks is good for the country. Its just a rehash of voodoo economics and the “trickle down” theory. If we just surrender our rights to the banks, and give banks trillions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts, sooner or later the economy will improve and a few pennies might “trickle down” to the little people.

  • Peter says:

    Matt, don’t be fooled by the California Attorney General. She has stopped a scam where attorneys were preying on those who needed help with modifications, yet she is doing NOTHING to pursue those firms that are illegally foreclosing on behalf of the banks.

  • John Anderson says:

    I am ever so pleased to see another State Attorney General break rank with the 50 State Attorney General Investigation of robo signing and document fraud A/K/A
    ” The Bank Fraud Concealment and Forgiveness Commission ”
    And it’s good in the sense that the Banksters will squeal to the other 48 AGs and use the Tony Montana line ” how do I know your the last cop I gotta pay off? ”
    Pam Bondi will be the 49th AG to separate form the Banks. She is loyal to money, bigtime.

  • Karen says:

    Please Help me,
    I am 52, disabled woman on social security disability. I took out a mortgage in 2007 on my home for 36,000 over 30 yrs with BOA.. At the time I was in a 3 yr relationship with Virgil. we were going to pay off back taxes of $7000 and update the house, Virgil was laid off, so he had the time and his boss assured him the work would be coming in… agreed. Well the work never came and when the money was gone and so was he. Shortly after he left me I received a call from Bank of america stating that they noticed the taxes were past due…I assured them that they were paid, only to find out that not only Virgil was gone but with him $7000!!! At that time my payment was $233. Then B O A paid the taxes and added the balance on top of my current mortgage pmt. My payment then became $729. My social security check is only $1000 I just couldn’t handle that payment and pleaded for BOA to refinance the total amount for me to a pmy I could afford they refused saying that taxes was not part of a house, OMGosh…. my original loan was only 36,000 At the time my homes tax value was 179,000.00. I had the equity I could have made it work with a new loan.. At that time my total owed was only 35,900.
    I then applied for the Make homes fordable program… again they said I didn’t qualify ???although BOA would do a modification of their trial payments were still $630.
    Then the EHLP Program came out, I applied and they said I was accepted, I sent all the information to them only to find out that Virgil leaving me didn’t count towards 15 % reduction in income?? I was so sure that this new program would help me that I didn’t keep up with the trial payments with BOA., they then refused my payments and started foreclosure. I received the papers saying that they were having a sheriff sale on Jan 13. I called my costumer relations rep and started the modification process again I had taken in another renter, I asked if he could postpone the sheriff sale, he told me…no, That he couldn’t ask till 5 days before the sale? I sent in my papers, He then sent me a letter stating that he needed additional information to be received by Jan 21. THEY SOLD MY HOME ON JAN 13! I had faxed the documents to them on the 11Th ,and called them on the12th to see if that was everything he needed and I was then told sorry but they would not postpone….then I find out I could have filed an AFFIDAVIT OF POST -PONEMENT as long as it was at least 15 days befor the sale?????. I trusted them and it sure feals like they just STOLE MY HOME…ITS ALL I HAD!!!.,,,Now the Bank says to buy it back its over 42,000. All I needed was a refinance..or even just a postponement. Now what???? Please I don’t want to loose my house. Can you help me PLEASE
    Karen from Champlin, Minnesota

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