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Are You Ready To Be Very, Very Angry? Listen to JPMorgan Explain Profit on Food Stamps…

We all need to pay attention to the riots in London.   And in Greece. And in Egypt. And in Syria. And the bubbling discontent all over the globe.   I thought that when we went into our next World War it might be Greece or before that Russia.   But the events from around the globe show the masses rising up against the over reaching and abusiveness of the banks, the corporations and the white collar criminal oligarchies that rule the globe.

Number of people receiving food stamps up 40% over the last two years~!

And just guess who’s scraping massive amounts of money off this number?   THE BANKS.   Yes, that’s right, believe it or not the banks are shoving their hands into the pockets of the poorest among us and taking massive profits.

A lot of of stores take food stamps, it’s an increasingly large part of Wal Mart’s revenue.   85% of food stamps are redeemed at warehouse stores….

This has all got to stop.   It is going to stop. The only question is just how bad are things going to get when the merry go round does stop.   Just take a look at the streets of London.   Look at the faces.   Compare those faces with the steely cold resolve of the JP Morgan banker in this video:

(And then when you’re so angry and don’t know what to do, please send around the petition page and help gather more signatures.)