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We’re all in a tough spot right now.   Individually, as a country, as a world.   We are all facing major struggles going forward that are going to require real sacrifices.   Having said that, do any of us really know what real sacrifice is?   Do we individually or collectively as a country have the guts and the backbone that we demonstrated during World War II?

Right now we’re soft, we’re lazy, we’re not even in the game.   Don’t agree?   Well compare whatever struggle you have with what any soldier whose ever served in our armed forces has gone through.   I think particularly about those grizzled World War II veterans, those kids who strapped on their cans and shipped out to fight in the most unimaginable conditions.   You think you got it tough brother?   Take a long hard look out the back end of this landing vehicle staring straight into the German guns pointed directly at you

Put your self in the boots of these boys at Saipan

Or these boys somewhere pounding away in central europe

Or today’s heroes

These men and women fought and continued to fight today, to give us the gift of the privileges we all take for granted.   For all you activists and consumers out there, I want you to commit to get more engaged in this national dialogue.   Do not just scan through and passively read news stories.   If you’re taking the time to read them, if those reports mean anything to you, take the time to leave your comments, to share your stories.   You have a voice….USE IT.   The only way we will change things in this country is if all you who are affected start speaking out and start getting involved. GET OFF YOUR BUTTS, SUCK IT UP AND START USING THOSE PRIVLEDGES OF FREE SPEECH AND OPEN ASSEMBLY THAT OUR SOLDIERS FOUGHT FOR.…You don’t even have to leave your home…today’s public square, this generation’s lunch counter is the internet, blogs, chatrooms, newspaper sites…get on those sites and make your voices heard.

And for all you attorneys out there, please join me in a pledge to LEAVE NO SOLDIER BEHIND. We must commit that no soldier, active duty or retired will go through foreclosure undefended.   They served for us without question or compromise and now it’s our turn to serve them.   I’ve already saved one soldier’s home from a grossly improper sale while he is serving in Afghanistan and it makes me want to puke to think that any soldier has to worry about his home while he’s in the line of fire.

Please pass this post around to the AMVET/AMLEGION Community and forward me any stories of soldier that needs help…..finally, take a look at this link for information about an event I’ll be participating in in a few short weeks….the Tampa Bay Frogman Open Water Challenge



  • litgant says:

    Freedom is a beautiful thing. The early framers of the Constitution identified them as: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The American dream is in the happiness. We work because the payment is in money that that buy the things to make us happy. Being happy we are comfortable. We enjoy a level of life where we can help ourselves and others. Within this the framers saw the need for property rights. And these rights are the basis of the American society. No person should be deprived of their property unless there is a legal right to take it from them. This is the whole issue in the massive foreclosures America now faces. Banks have violated all kinds of laws to take property and our robo-courts are allowing this to happen. When I think of the great sacrifices our soldiers have made for this USA and our people, I cannot believe our homes and properties were not part of their reasons. And just how many of our soldiers will come back to homes foreclosed upon by these banks? Just how many of their wives and chidren evicted? It seems they are only fighting the enemy to save the Banks. Or that seems to be the thinking among many. Mr. Weidner, you are a great American. You are as soldier of constitutional law defending home owners in Court. Defending is a form of soldier. No wonder the enemy wants you silenced, defeated, put out of business: they can plunder, steal, and take property without a rightful cause of action. I thought of Nationwide Title Clearing and their case against you. This is nothing but an attempt to take away our civil rights and free speech. They allowed their employess to sign thousands of documents in the robo-process. Mr. Weidner, you are a champion to so many. Be encouraged. You are a great American. And it is for people like you defending our homes, our soldiers do not mind fighting wars to save our Country. Thank you Sir! And may God give you victory over all enemies who ever they are.

  • Mike Dillon says:

    My great uncle just passed a few weeks ago. WWII Army veteran. German P.O.W. Liberated March 1944. Honorable discharge December 1945.

    Those that answer the call to serve , I can’t thank you enough….

  • polo la martina precio says:

    Very well written article. I agree with you and I had sold off 75% of my equity unit trusts for the past 2 weeks.

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